“Hardness and rigidity are companions of death. Fragility and flexibility are companions of life.” Lao Tzu


The Sanskrit word Namya can be translated as pliable, flexible, supple. When we talk about flexibility, we often think of activities such as yoga, dance, or gymnastics. However, mental flexibility is also important because it has a significant influence on physical functions. Flexibility of the mind facilitates physical movement, increases spectrum of motion, and helps to reduce stiffness, joint and muscle pain.

Rigidity can trap us at any time, especially when we are under pressure, when our perfectionism takes over or when we feel we are losing control. Our “old demons” resurface and we become inflexible, want things to be done “like this and not otherwise”, or we drown in phrases such as “yes but”, or “I can’t because”, “I know but”, “I’m bad at this”, “I’m not creative”, “I can’t trust because”, “I’m unable to decide quickly”, “it only happens to me”, “I can’t change” etc. We remain attached to our rules and to our work, and we are not able to change them.

Inflexibility is often one of the major causes that blocks evolution and healing and contributes to several physical disorders at the osteoarticular, digestive or metabolic level, among others.

By being flexible, we become aware that everything can change, we develop more resilience, acceptance, the ability to put things into perspective and we manage better the unexpected and the challenges. In fact, flexibility is part of emotional intelligence and therefore affects our ability to forgive, to love, to show compassion and empathy. Flexibility allows us to move towards new and positive ideas, to remain optimistic and caring and is the basis of resilience, of being able to remain receptive and open. Conversely, rigidity gives rise to emotions such as frustration, anger, feeling helpless, and feeds many limiting beliefs. The intelligence of the heart (Anahata) and the intelligence of Ajna (3. eye) imply docility and the ability to know how to adapt and to accept change, because everything is always changing within us and all around us. Change is an eternal cosmic constant that can be counted on at any time. The more flexible we become, the more serenely we can face difficult situations and obstacles and the more we are able to learn from our experiences.


NAMYA by TURIYA is a synergy of essential oils indicated to improve our physical, psychological, and mental flexibility. It combines woody, lemony, floral, musky, and spicy notes and invites the spirit to open and to let go attachments.

NAMYA allows you to adapt more easily, to relax, to put things in perspective, to welcome new ideas and to seize opportunities. You will open to new perspectives.

Flexibility is essential for a healthy life and a fulfilling relationship. Namya enables you to be flexible in all circumstances, to see the heart of a problem without blocking you and helps to free you from the prison of mental patterns and beliefs.


Namya’s essential oils

“To see clearly, all you have to do is change the direction of your gaze”.   Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  • Amyris, Buddha wood, copaiba, Virginia juniper, Atlas cedar: help to get out of beliefs, collective conditioning, calm and facilitate relativization.
  • Petitgrain bigarade, zanthoxylum alatum: sweet floral notes. Relaxing, they facilitate letting go and allow you to step back.
  • Wintergreen, rosemary camphor, feverfew, thyme borneol: activate Ajna (3rd  eye) and dissolve the feeling of being trapped. They help to dissolve fears, support courage, strengthen intuition and clarity.
  • Ginger, clove, black pepper: spicy and warm notes. They soften the body and mind, support discernment and warm the heart to lighten the spirit. They support the confidence and certainty that the power to heal lies within each of us.
  • Iary, eucalyptus citriodora, eucalyptus staigeriana, lemongrass, lemon myrtle: are among the major anti-inflammatory essential oils in aromatherapy. They are harmonizing the solar plexus. Softening and calming, they allow adaptation and acceptance.
  • Marjoram, guava leaves, white pine, moorland pine: anchor in the present time, help to detach from old habits and beliefs, transmit the necessary power to get rid of difficult situations. By activating the Prana / Qi, pain can be reduced as well in the physical as in the spiritual level. They nourish and harmonize Anahata, the heart chakra, where all our force of regeneration and renewal is located.
  • Indian incense, common juniper, true lavender, lavandin abrial: powerful transformers and spiritual healers. They support flexibility, adaptability, resilience and help to perceive better the spiritual dimensions within yourself and all around you. Sacred plants associated with Sahasrara, the crown chakra.
  • Elemi, bay laurel, niaouli, eucalyptus globulus: give wings and accelerate spiritual evolution. They create the necessary space to realize your ideas and allow you to fly towards your visions.


  • Softens the body and mind.
  • Helps to get rid from the imprisonment of mental rigidity.
  • Facilitates letting go.
  • Changes the way of thinking.
  • Conveys the necessary power to get rid from a difficult situation.
  • Allows to see your patterns and beliefs and to transform them.
  • Helps to welcome and embrace change.

Namyas minerals

  • Amber: used for thousands of years to relieve many physical and psychological pains. A relaxing and anti-stress gem, it dissolves tensions, renews energies, and supports the emotional balance. In lithotherapy, it is also used to overcome a difficult period and encourage a new beginning. Supports flexibility of body and mind.
  • Tiger’s eye: creates the connection between the 1st and 3rd chakra and contributes to good health and flexibility of the joints. Gem that strengthens mobility, protects against negative energies, manipulation, brings courage, boldness, strengthens self-confidence and facilitates decision making.
  • Labradorite: protects the physical and energetic immune system and allows a better recovery after difficult, complicated, and stressful situations. It facilitates rest and promotes good vibrations. Purifying at the level of Ajna (3rd eye) and Vishuddhi (throat chakra), this gem allows a clearer and more relevant vision of situations.


NAMYA Flexibility 

a synergy for a flexible body and mind

 “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” Albert Einstein


NAMYA increases your ability to change and to welcome mutation with serenity and openness. This scent was created to bring you out of your isolation and make you aware that only through flexibility you can gain long-term emotional stability and preserve your confidence.

NAMYA combined with the rituals listed below develops a more agile mind and will help you live a more resilient, creative, and ultimately happier life. Docility can enable you to pursue individual and group goals more successfully and efficiently, to be more effective in problem solving and solution finding. It will foster creativity, innovation and enable you to identify and realize promising opportunities.

NAMYA combined with a healthy lifestyle, practices such as yoga and meditation, and daily ayurvedic routines help to maintain your mental, psychological, and physical health while developing flexibility and emotional intelligence.


Give your joints and muscles a precious gift:

  • Blend 8 drops of Namya Synergy with a tablespoon of wheat germ oil and a handful of sea salt and pour into the bath water. Enjoy a moment of relaxation in your bath.
  • Blend 3 – 8 drops of Namya Synergy with a mud or clay and apply as a poultice to a tense area. Leave on for 30 – 60 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.
  • Blend 8 drops of Namya with 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 5 tablespoons of juniper hydrosol and massage the whole body before bathing or showering. This peeling has an alkalizing effect on the whole organism.
  • As a therapist, you can complete your massage oils with Namya for increase the “flexibility-effect”.
  • You can create a massage oil: blend 5 ml (100 drops) of the synergy with 95 ml of carrier oil. Massage the concerned areas 1 – 3 times a day.
  • Blend 50 ml of argan oil or wheat germ oil with 60 drops of Namya and massage the sensitive areas after exercise.

You would like to gain mental flexibility, remain serene, stable, confident in case of a change of situation. The following 21-days ritual will help:

  • Before breakfast: sit in a comfortable posture.
  • Apply 1 drop of Namya on the foot-soles, 1 drop on the solar plexus and 1 drop on the top of the head.
  • Inhale the bottle of Namya with your eyes closed: for two minutes with your awareness placed at the perineum and then for two minutes with your awareness placed at the solar plexus.
  • Imagine sitting in the middle of a golden sphere.
  • Put the bottle down and place your awareness on top of your head.
  • Then place your right hand on the solar plexus and say the word ADAPT 4 times.
  • Keep the Namya bottle with you and when you feel that you are stuck in your thoughts or perceive that you are having difficulty accepting a situation, then inhale the bottle for two minutes, with your eyes closed and your awareness placed at the level of the solar plexus and say 4 x the word ADAPT.

Are you afraid of losing control if you accept a change? The following 40-days ritual helps you to become more flexible, to overcome your rigidity.

  • Before going to sleep apply a drop of NAMYA under the foot soles and on the solar plexus.
  • Sit and inhale the bottle with your eyes closed for two minutes with your awareness at the solar plexus, immersing yourself in the change you fear so much.
  • Then place your consciousness on top of your head, lie down and say the word ADAPT four times before falling asleep.
  • When you wake up, inhale the NAMYA bottle with your eyes closed for two minutes and say the word ADAPT 4 times.
  • Finally, before your morning shower, massage your belly with a few drops of Namya blended with a carrier oil.

You are stuck in a fixed idea; you can’t change your vision of things:

  • Rub your wrists with 1 drop of Namya and inhale the bottle for a while. Then take a short walk to clear your mind.  

You feel that you are getting stuck and rigid in your habits. Do the following ritual for 9 days:

  • Every morning, rub the wrists with a few drops of Namya and then inhale the bottle for two minutes with closed eyes.
  • Then think about what you can do today. Choose something you have never done before. E.g. sign up for a dance, singing or language workshop, cook a new exotic dish, write a story, etc.
  • Keep the bottle of Namya with you and inhale whenever you feel the need.





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