The EVOLUTION synergy with its fresh, resinous, sophisticated, surprising and deep fragrance awakens curiosity, the desire to get off the beaten track, encourages you to explore unknown spheres and invites you to discover the strength of the 5th chakra, Vishuddhi, which is located at the level of your throat. The neck chakra is associated with the element of space and hearing.

The 5th chakra brings inspiration, it creates the voice but also the path. It is the centre of intuition, it awakens peace of mind, the ability to listen and communicate with all levels of consciousness in the Universe. It corresponds to your need to evolve and grow, to surpass yourself. Its mission is to purify and stabilize emotions and to develop spiritual awareness. From Vishuddhi, the concepts of good and evil are deactivated and oppositions are harmonized.

When Vishuddhi is balanced and healthy, you continue to learn, to study, to listen, you evolve, you grow. You are authentic, you speak and live your truth and are animated by the passion for knowledge, the curiosity to explore dimensions that are not palpable by the intellect. You manage to transcend the harmful aspects of life because you perceive the essential truth beyond mundane circumstances, you know how to discern and differentiate between interpretation, projection and intuition. You are a good listener, receptive and able to control your impulses and are free of all dependency. You remember past experiences, know how to integrate them into the present time and look to the future with serenity. You are objective and impartial. You have a talent for communication. You express yourself clearly and authentically, are convincing, are a good listener and show courage and determination when it comes to defending your ideals.


Unbalanced Vishuddhi

When Vishuddhi is blocked, it is difficult to assert oneself without rushing. We switch from a reserved attitude to talking too much and cutting others off. One is obsessed by the idea of wanting to be heard and remains perplexed because one does not understand that those around him are brusque or do not understand what one is saying. Sometimes we are shy, sometimes we talk too much… We find it difficult to make decisions or to make a choice. Clarity of mind can be lacking. We are easily influenced or even manipulated by collective opinion. Obstacles and problems are always approached in the same way and it is difficult to change one’s point of view. You want to grow but you don’t know how.

You want to progress but you don’t listen to friendly advice. The blocks of the 5th chakra can be linked to the fact that in the family secrets are cultivated, that there are addiction problems that are hidden, that we grew up in an environment where verbal abuse and shouting were constant and that we are victims of tyrannical and authoritarian attitudes. As a result we are afraid to reveal ourselves, we don’t listen, we distort the truth, we are obsessed with wanting to understand but empathy is lacking. On a physical level, pain in the neck, trapezius and shoulders can occur, tinnitus or also thyroid disorders or recurrent laryngitis.


Keys to Healing

You don’t dare to express your thoughts, assert yourself, defend your ideas, you lack the courage to change things, your creativity is blocked and you can’t go beyond the set limits. Do the following ritual for 27 days before bedtime:

• Take a sitting meditation position.

• Breathe in the EVOLUTION bottle for two minutes with your eyes closed and your consciousness at neck level.

• Imagine a blue light enveloping you.

• Then apply one drop to the hollow of the neck, one drop at the base of the skull, one drop two fingers below the skull on the spine.

• Lie down and imagine that you are floating in a blue space. Say COURAGE 11 times while falling asleep.


You lack calmness, you are scattered, you find it difficult to stand back and stay centred, your mind is hyperactive, you let yourself be carried away by your emotions, the following ritual gives you momentum, refocuses, strengthens the will, calms the agitation :

• Apply a drop of EVOLUTION to the cervical vertebrae.

• Smell the bottle for two minutes with your eyes closed, consciousness placed at neck level and imagining yourself enveloped by a blue light.

• Then drop a drop in each palm and give an auric massage.
If you want to improve your listening skills, if you want to listen in a complete and non-selective way, do the following exercise three times a day for 18 consecutive days:

• Breathe in the EVOLUTION bottle for two minutes with your eyes closed and your consciousness at neck level. Imagine a blue light enveloping you.

• Then say the word LISTEN 18 times, pausing to catch your breath after each 6.


Your spirit of perfectionism prevents you from progressing and creates in you an excessive need for control, you stagnate in your projects. Do the following ritual for 21 days:

• Mix 30 ml of vegetable oil with 30 drops of EVOLUTION.

• When you get up:

1. Massage the pubic area with circular clockwise movements, repeating the word EVOLVE 10 times.
2. Massage the solar plexus with circular movements in a clockwise direction, repeating the word EVOLUATE 10 times.
3. Massage the heart area with circular movements in a clockwise direction, repeating the word EVOLVE 10 times.
4. Massage the base of the neck and the cervical vertebrae with circular movements in a clockwise direction, repeating the word EVOLVE 10 times.
5. Massage the top of the skull in a circular clockwise motion, repeating the word EVOLVE 10 times.
Walk 3 times a day for 5 minutes, smelling the EVOLUTION bottle and repeating the word EVOLUTION over and over again.


You are impatient, you want everything right away, the slightest trick will make you leave in a hurry, you have a need for excessive helpfulness, you are constantly in conflict with authority, you want to feel more of your dharma, your mission. The following ritual helps you to keep your calm and clarity and to become aware of your projections, interpretations and judgements:

• Mix 30 ml of vegetable oil with 30 drops of EVOLUTION.

• Massage the oil into the palms of your hands, wrists, neck area and solar plexus.

• Apply 1 drop of EVOLUTION to the hollow of the neck and 1 drop to the third eye.


Take a meditation position, place your hands in a prayer position and say the following prayer:

• “May truth and calm be manifested in me”.
• “May all the interferences that hinder the manifestation disappear.
• “May my communication be free of complaints and self-judgment”.
• “May the energy of these plants help me to be authentic”.
• At the end of the prayer, say the word DISCOVER 4 times.


For therapeutic treatments

Therapists can make shy, introverted people smell the bottle, but also those who are stagnant, who cannot find their vocation, who are frustrated or who are unable to listen.

• Put a few drops of the synergy on the pillow around the person’s head during the treatment.

• Mix 5 drops of the EVOLUTION synergy with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and massage the neck and the trapezius muscles for people with pain in this area, which are tense.

• Keep your hands at the nape of the neck for a moment quoting the HAM mantra inside you.


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