“The great bird flies, protects the weak, fights the devil and destroys fear. It is none other than Garuda”.

Garuda is the vehicle of Vishnu in Hindu mythology – half man, half eagle. Vishnu embodies the principle of energy exchange between the spheres, represented by the primordial sound of mantras. The root of the name Garuda the sound GR means to speak. Garuda therefore means “wings of speech” or the one who carries the sound. Garuda’s wife is Unati, the queen of knowledge and progress.

In Hindu and Buddhist spirituality, it is believed that Garuda can dissolve the phobia of reptiles, including snakes, and that it purifies the atmosphere of black magic, the evil eye, and other negative energies – dispels fears, viruses – purifies the body of the poison of bites and protects against tumors. Garuda strengthens the courage and confidence of every human being.

It harmonizes the first chakra and creates the connection with the 7th by giving us wings and transmitting a feeling of lightness to our legs. Thus, we can move forward and walk, well anchored and with our lower limbs in perfect health.

GARUDA from TURIYA is a composition for the legs. The legs symbolize progress, what makes us move forward, towards change, towards new experiences. If our legs are hurting, we should perhaps ask ourselves if there is anxiety or fears about the future. If we suffer from heavy legs, identify what is weighing us down, what is slowing us down in our evolution. Lower limb disorders are always related to movement on the physical as well as on the subtle level. It can be the fear of changing direction, the feeling of being held back in our desire to grow, or the feeling that someone is dictating the direction in which we should go.

Closely related to Muladhara and grounding, leg problems always reveal a weakness in the first chakra.

GARUDA by TURIYA is a synergy of essential oils to treat and prevent all problems around the legs. Balsamic, powerful, earthy, and stabilizing notes. It encourages forward movement, facilitates mobility, allows one to embrace the future and leave the past behind.

It can be included in Garshan and Gamathi treatments in the salon or spa or any other treatment of cellulite, venous and lymphatic stasis, heavy legs, varicose veins, etc.

Garuda helps people who feel blocked, who feel they cannot progress, move forward or those who feel they are prevented from realizing their dreams and ideas.



  • Relieves heavy and painful legs.
  • Decongests venous and lymphatic stasis.
  • Complements anti-cellulite treatments such as the Garshan or Gamathi Ayurvedic treatments.
  • Contributes to the drainage of excessive fat and water in the legs.
  • Helps to free oneself from a feeling of being stuck in a situation.
  • Releases the feeling that things are not moving as quickly as one would like.

Garuda essential oils  

“Don’t worry about moving slowly; only worry if you are stopped.” Chinese proverb

  • Amyris, ginger, sea fennel, patchouli: activate and harmonize Muladhara (1st chakra), strengthen courage and confidence. Drain and reduce venous and lymphatic stasis. Dissolves tension and stimulates the desire to go beyond the limits set by the environment.
  • Immortelle, sage, spearmint, Highland rosemary: healing, regenerating, lipolytic and purifying for the physical and subtle bodies. They create the necessary space to gain mobility and allow better metabolization between vital tissues (Dhatus).
  • Cape May, Cypress, Common Juniper, Mastix: are among the major essential oils for the circulatory system. They activate the lymphatic and blood circulation, are draining, purifying, firming and help to regain control over one’s destiny.
  • Pepper trea, black pepper: facilitate introspection, reinforce the courage to act and move towards our goals while gaining discernment.  General tonics, they stimulate lymphatic and blood circulation.
  • Elemi, Indian frankincense: bring flexibility to body and mind and facilitate the circulation of Prana in the tissues. They soothe inflammation and drain toxins from the lymph.
  • Peppermint: rich in menthol, it is analgesic and anesthetic. It relieves heavy legs and, through its cold effect, boosts blood circulation by vasoconstriction.
  • Rosemary cineol, eucalyptus globulus, niaouli: venous tonics and improve venous return. They facilitate cellular oxygenation and the circulation of Prana throughout the body and reinforce the synergistic effect of essential oils.
  • Tarragon, Iary, Lemongrass: neuromuscular tonics, venous and lymphatic decongestants, activate microcirculation. They support flexibility, indulgence, and preserve clarity of mind.
  • Sweet orange, grapefruit: symbolize solar strength, light. Draining, they fight fatigue and muscular stiffness, are astringent and lipolytic. They give a fruity and fresh note to the synergy.
  • Maritime pine, mugo pine, balsam fir: essential oils known for their important oxygenating properties. Tonic and stimulating, they combat neuromuscular fatigue, activate lymphatic and blood circulation and contribute to drainage.

Garuda’s gems   

  • Obsidian mahagonite: dissolves tension, improves lymphatic and blood circulation and protects against free radicals. Contributes to the drainage of toxins. Invites to get rid of bad habits and supports intellectual clarity. It harmonizes Muladhara and facilitates self-confidence and helps you to move towards your goals.
  • Bull’s eye: revitalizes, invigorates, and awakens inner strength and courage. It roots and protects against manipulation and helps to remain determined even after disappointments and failures. Fights fatigue and improves blood circulation. Supports dynamism, decision making and encourages action. It strengthens endurance and combats exhaustion. The bull’s eye is linked to the 1st chakra, helps to stay connected to the energies of the earth and supports awareness of our physical and material needs.
  • Rose Quartz: a precious help for sentimental blossoming, associated with the heart chakra and unconditional love. It helps to detach oneself from one’s expectations and misperceptions in relationships. It supports inner peace and improves self-esteem. It soothes anger, frustration, and jealousy. It harmonizes Pitta, improves skin health and blood and lymphatic circulation.

You practice Garshan and Gamathi treatments or any other treatment for cellulite, lymph and blood circulation in your spa / salon:

  • Mix a few drops of Garuda with mud and/or massage oil.
  • Stand and have your client inhale the bottle with their eyes closed, imagining themselves as a tree with roots growing under their feet.
  • Put 3 drops of the synergy into the navel before treatment.
  • Apply 1 drop to the middle of each calf and apply pressure for 2 minutes with your thumb.

You would like to gain more tone in your legs, eliminate orange peel skin, improve lymphatic and blood circulation, in short gain health and beauty for your lower limbs.  

Create a massage oil:  

CO Chaulmoogra                                           20.00 ml

CO Calophyllum inophyllum                       10.00 ml

CO Calendula                                                  30.00 ml

CO Macadamia                                               30.00 ml

EO Garuda Synergy                                       10.00 ml


Massage the legs every morning and evening with rigorous, deep movements and a palpating-rolling technique.

Rub a few drops of Garuda on the inner thighs and groin before applying a natural anti-cellulite cream.

Blend 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of Macadamia oil, 2 tablespoons of cypress hydrosol and 15 drops of Garuda. Rub the legs and buttocks thoroughly before a bath or shower. This scrub also eliminates the sensation of heavy and painful legs.


You feel stuck in your life, in your relationship, in your work.  Sometimes you feel like you want to start all over again. Do the following ritual for 36 days: 

Day 1: Choose a quiet time of day, making sure you are not disturbed, and sit down.

  • For 2 minutes, smell the Garuda bottle with your eyes closed and your awareness on the soles of your feet, then 2 minutes with your awareness on the top of your head.
  • Now write down for 20 minutes the reasons why you feel blocked. ATTENTION: this excludes any accusations from the outside world, they are only about your own responsibility in this situation, e.g.:
    • I feel stuck in my job because I don’t want to leave my comfort zone.
    • I feel stuck in my relationship with X because I avoid conflict and open discussion.
    • I feel blocked, because I fear the gaze of others.
    • I feel blocked because I am too attached to security.
    • I feel blocked because I can’t live my values fully.
    • I feel blocked because I am too judgmental.
    • I don’t move forward because I am constantly tired

Day 2: Choose a quiet time of day, making sure you are not disturbed, and sit down

  • Rub your wrists with a few drops of Garuda.
  • For 2 minutes, smell the Garuda bottle with your eyes closed and your awareness on the soles of your feet, then 2 minutes with your awareness on the top of your head.
  • Now write down for 20 minutes why you are not changing, for example:
  • I dream of changing jobs, but I don’t want to give up my high salary.
  • If I enter into a relationship, I risk losing some of my freedom.
  • If I change my way of life, I may have to sacrifice my social life.
  • I don’t live fully according to my values because I am afraid of being compared to others.
  • I remain attached to an old dream that has nothing to do with my current life and that prevents me from moving forward.
  • I am afraid to test one of my skills for the first time, because I am afraid of being judged.

Note: often the “pros and cons” of a situation are in competition.

Day 3 – 36: Do a meditation each morning with a clear intention for the day. Create a massage oil with 50 ml of vegetable oil and 60 drops of Garuda and massage the feet, ankles and solar plexus area each morning before the meditation.

  • Sit in a comfortable position and inhale the Garuda bottle for 2 minutes with your eyes closed.
  • Look at your thoughts for a moment in relation to what you have written in the first two days.
  • Then make a firm decision for the day, e.g. :
  • I’m going to do this task that I’ve been procrastinating on for 3 weeks.
  • I’m going to call X and ask him for a meeting to tell him what has been bothering me for a long time.
  • I want to break away from my old dream and explore other perspectives.
  • Today I dare to talk to my boss and ask for a promotion.
  • I’m going to enroll in an English course and spend some time integrating this new language.
  • I set out as a yoga teacher with confidence and faith in my abilities.
  • Today I stop being paralyzed by analysis and take action.

Repeat this ritual day after day.


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