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“The omnipresent energy source of existence, or Shakti, manifests itself in the form of creation. Shakti is the divine mother who gives birth and nurtures the newborn – whether it’s a new baby, a brand-new relationship, a new idea or a magical manifestation. Although Shakti is beyond the boundaries of gender, form or color, we call her Mother because of her maternal and creative qualities.” Deepak Chopra

ANNA, Maria’s mother, embodies the grandmother, a wise old woman, a Goddess of creation. The name Anna refers to ancient roots and goddesses: the Persian goddess Anahita, the Egyptian Anath, the Sumerian Inanna, the Hittite deity Hannahanna, the Roman mother goddess Iana, and the Celtic goddesses Anu and Dana – all original mothers, grandmothers, creator goddesses.

AN is considered to be one of the six primitive syllables of mankind and refers to something venerable and feminine. Connecting to Anna’s original energy helps us gain a new understanding of the world and connects us to nature, to spirits and to a better knowledge of how to use the forces of nature. It creates new perspectives, facilitates contemplation, meditation and connection with the invisible worlds.

In Orthodox and Coptic tradition, Anna and her husband Joachim were a very spiritual couple who remained childless until a very ripe old age. Anna is respected as a model of faith, devotion and holiness. Considered a spiritual teacher and healer in the Essene tradition, she is revered as Jesus’ grandmother and source of knowledge. As Anna finally gave birth after a very long period of infertility, she also symbolizes hope and the fact that any miracle is possible if we cultivate faith.

Anna represents inner and outer richness, inviting us to see life as an infinite journey towards our hearts. “What is more important than life itself, accept your life, have faith, live and love.” ANNA is the patroness and protector of midwives or feminine wisdom. She invites us to connect with our treasures of knowledge and to take new, unconventional paths. It’s all about discovering the mystical secrets of life. It often seems to us that we don’t see a path, that we don’t have an idea, and that we only follow the path that others suggest to us. But we should recognize and see clearly where we are now, and draw our strength and inspiration from the here and now.


Discover ANNA, the spray that strengthens hope, faith and connection to the invisible dimensions while developing your telepathic ability. Immerse yourself in a fascinating journey where the qualities of mercy, clarity and discernment emanating from deep within you blossom. With ANNA, wisdom and tact blend harmoniously, creating a powerful emotional balance.

Embody Divine justice with ANNA’s captivating energy that urges you to seize opportunities. Free yourself from the emotional residues that create persistent patterns in your aura and entangle you in recurring suffering. ANNA purifies these samskaras, enabling you to soar to new horizons of well-being.

Experience an inner justice enlightened by your Higher Self that recognizes truth and fairness in every event, shaping your life and in every decision you make. True justice is not subject to strict, man-made rules, but stems from a deep understanding of circumstances and the situation.

ANNA facilitates the perfect balance between your heart and your head, between your emotions and your intellect. It frees you from the judgments, projections and perceptions that keep you stuck, enabling you to fully embrace your personal evolution. This spray is the ideal companion for detox cures, initiation rites and new beginnings.

Join the inner transformation with ANNA, your ally for greater fulfillment and harmony. Let yourself be carried away by this inspiring energy that opens new doors to healing and spiritual upliftment. ANNA invites you to explore your inner and outer worlds.

ANNA is an ally in times of change, transitions and new beginnings, to keep us centered. Anna symbolizes the renewal of life, the stages that are created and then disappear. It invites us to stay synchronously connected to heaven and earth, to tame the material and non-material world.

ANNA’s ingredients contribute to the expansion of your consciousness and help you travel through inner and outer worlds, experiencing new things through your visions. In this way, the spray can bring you new revelations about yourself and others.

ANNA energy spray is indicated when:

  • You want to gain in discernment and clarity.
  • You’d like to show more solidarity and commitment.
  • You want to deepen your intuition.
  • You are haunted by fears and anxieties without really knowing why.
  • You’d like to strengthen your telepathic ability.
  • You’re doing a detox.
  • Over and over again, you repeat the same experiences that cause suffering.
  • You’re on an initiation course.
  • You’d like to deepen transcendence in your meditation.
  • You want to strengthen your faith.
  • You want to free yourself from your judgments, projections and interpretations of events.

Finally, ANNA helps you to trust your heart. In this way, everything you create and accomplish will be an authentic expression of your higher self.  You’ll be able to recognize and live your deepest truth, and discover the keys to your spiritual evolution and fulfillment.

ANNA’s plants

“Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. Both know what you really want to become. The rest is secondary.” Steve Jobs

  • Yarrow, Indian angelica, holy basil, carrot, galbanum, marjoram, patchouli, vetiver: boost confidence, help you detach yourself from the need for security and certainty. Allow you to rediscover your roots and encourage you to recognize your essential qualities and dare to explore unknown spheres. As a result, you’ll gain more knowledge about yourself and trust in life’s mysteries.
  • Sandalwood, rockrose, cypriol, cypress, incense, juniper: sharpen your intuition and telepathic ability. The scent of these plants invites you to introspect and see your truth more clearly, to go to the source of your destiny. They create coherence between past, present and future, reinforcing consistency between body and mind. Their fragrance charms the spirit and enables you to detach yourself from your mental activity and travel to worlds impalpable to the intellect.
  • German blue chamomile, clary sage, cardamom, elemi, cajeput, eucalyptus globulus: transform and release residues that block intuition, discernment, clarity and peace. These plants support inner peace and serenity and free the mind from judgment and prejudice. The combination of their scents gives you a glimpse of that which is infinite, eternal.
  • Roman chamomile, St John’s wort, sage, tarragon, lavender, bergamot mint, grapefruit: increase clarity, inner light, balance extreme emotions, help detach from judgments, projections and interpretations and identify their origins and sources.
  • Copaiba, neroli, orange, petitgrain bigarade, ylang ylang: reinforce your feminine qualities and receptiveness. Invoke creativity, sensuality and inspiration, and teach you to love and respect your physical body.
  • Black spruce, balsam fir, larch needles, Saro: renew energies, nourish hope, activate Prana Qi and reinforce courage and dynamism. These plants protect your energetic and physical immune system.

ANNA’s minerals 

  • Tiger’s eye: protects and keeps away negative energies. Conveys perseverance and the will to achieve one’s goals. Allows you to draw on your resources and encourages transformation and change. Supports clarity and discernment and creates coherence between body and mind. The stone helps you take a step back.
  • Unakite: protects the energetic and physical immune system. Allows you to see blockages, the source of your suffering, and helps eliminate them from your aura and subconscious. Helps overcome anger and judgment.
  • Citrine: attracts joie de vivre, abundance and prosperity, and nurtures creativity and inspiration. It eliminates negative energies, purifies and protects the aura, develops and strengthens intuition, and helps find the best solutions.


You want to improve clarity, discernment, memory, concentration, better integrate knowledge or you are preparing for a school exam:

  • Use ANNA spray as an atmospheric spray.
  • Spray palms and wrists.
  • Perform a standing auric massage and form a ball with both hands in front of the solar plexus.
  • Keep your eyes closed for two minutes.

You’re afraid of commitment, shy away from solidarity, easily feel that you’re being prevented from doing what you want, and often claim your freedom:

  • Use ANNA daily as an atmospheric and auric spray.
  • Do an auric massage with ANNA when you feel your time and space are being limited.

You want to improve your telepathic ability. Telepathic strength can be trained. Choose a partner with whom you want to practice telepathy. Each of you must perform an auric massage with ANNA every morning and rub your forehead with Turiya’s VISION synergy. Then make a long-distance appointment for the next 9 days. Choose a time of day when each of you is quiet and undisturbed. Define who is A and who is B. You need 20 minutes for this daily appointment.  

  • At the time of the appointment, use ANNA as an atmospheric spray and perform an auric massage.
  • Sit comfortably.
  • Person A will concentrate on the message he wants to send to B. In the beginning, focus on simple messages. It’s important to use the same type of vocabulary that is usually used between the two people. B thinks of A and remains open and receptive, taking in everything that comes to mind without analyzing or judging. After 6 minutes, A writes down the message he has sent and B writes down what he has perceived as the message.
  • Then the roles are reversed.
  • At the end, everyone writes down how they experienced the ritual.
  • After 9 days, the two partners meet and can exchange notes, share their feelings, analyze together the moments when telepathy worked well and the moments when it was more difficult to connect. They can try to assess together what is conducive and what blocks telepathic communication.
  • Then, if you wish, you can repeat the exercise with the conclusions you’ve gained.

You’re haunted by fears, nervousness and anxiety without really knowing why. These emotions overwhelm you again and again; do the following ritual for 11 days morning and evening:

  • Spray hands and wrists with ANNA spray.
  • Perform an auric massage.
  • Stretch your arms above your head, hands wide open, and imagine a golden-yellow ray of energy streaming out from the soles of your feet into the world.
  • Then place your hands on your solar plexus and hold for two minutes, eyes closed, breathing deeply.
  • Use ANNA as an atmospheric spray for 11 days.

Alternate with MICHAEL spray for extra protection.

You’re doing a detox:

  • Use ANNA daily as an auric spray, alternating with RAPHAEL.

You’re a therapist and you’re having trouble understanding a patient’s specific needs:

  • Perform an auric massage with ANNA before your consultation.
  • Then place your hands in a prayer position in front of your forehead, with your thumbs pointing at AJNA, your 3ème Remain in this position for two minutes with your eyes closed.
  • You can then carry out your consultation.

Your anger, judgments, interpretations and projections are preventing you from seeing clearly. They prevent you from moving forward in life, they clutter you up; you feel the need to free yourself from these “old” programs. Perform the following ritual on a waning moon day:

  • Set aside a quiet evening when you won’t be disturbed and light a candle in the room where you’re going to perform the ritual.
  • Spray the room with ANNA.
  • Do an auric massage with ANNA.
  • Write a letter to Anna to free yourself from those programs that keep cluttering up your life.
  • First of all, close your eyes for a moment and think about the beliefs, anger, judgments… everything that has taken up too much space and that you want to get rid of.
  • Write this letter to Anna as if you were writing to a loved one. Write down everything that’s weighing on you today. Write automatically whatever comes into your head or your heart, in no particular order or structure. The aim is to put down on paper what you wouldn’t dare say. Write until you feel emotionally drained. Don’t reread the letter.
  • At midnight, spray the letter with ANNA and burn it, contemplating the flames and imagining your clutter leaving with the flames.
  • Then formulate a prayer of gratitude to Anna in your own words.




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