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“There are waves and there is wind, visible and invisible forces. Everyone has these same elements in their lives, the visible and the invisible: karma and free will. The question is how you deal with what you have. You’re riding the karmic wave, and the wind can change. Everyone has to take what they see and deal with what’s invisible”. Guan Yin

The goddess Guan Yin, also known as Avalokiteshvara, is an emblematic figure in Buddhism and Taoism, especially venerated in the Chinese Buddhist tradition. She is often considered a Bodhisattva, an enlightened being who has chosen to remain in the cycle of reincarnations to help all beings achieve enlightenment.

Highly venerated in certain regions of Asia, she is implored to spread peace and help people feel divine grace. She accompanies people on their spiritual path, helping them to make amends for past mistakes. Guan Yin helps us all, especially those threatened by water, demons or the sword. It stops lightning and deprives snakes of their venom. It cures virtually all illnesses and turns hell into heaven. She cares for all beings in distress.

Guan Yin evokes many qualities such as compassion, mercy, healing, wisdom, altruism and the protection of feminine balance. It is considered a source of inspiration and help for Buddhist and Taoist practitioners.

In most representations, you’ll find her dressed in a long white robe, standing on a lotus leaf or seated in meditation. She holds a willow branch in one hand and a jade vase in the other. Out of compassion, Guan Yin vows not to rest until all beings are freed from Samskaras (imprints of the past that influence our actions, thoughts and behavior). She illuminates the path to enlightenment and liberation from the cycle of rebirths.

We turn to Guan Yin in times of difficulty, when we feel in danger, when we have to overcome obstacles, challenges, difficulties and suffering.



It brings an understanding and appreciation of your deepest values, which you have brought with you from your various incarnations. This allows you to develop greater self-love and deep peace. With this inner peace gained, you can better decipher the reasons behind illness.

It sheds light on the circumstances of your life, helping you to become aware of the impact of your past experiences and showing you the necessary tools for transformation and evolution.

GUAN YIN supports compassion and empathy, so you can better understand and feel the suffering of others, while preserving your inner peace. The spray interrupts emotional turmoil and mental hyperactivity. It frees you from obsessive thoughts in the case of addictions. It promotes acceptance of yourself and others.

GUAN YIN helps to free oneself from addictions, alleviates mental and physical trauma and stabilizes the emotions. The spray helps to understand the reasons and causes of illnesses and the feelings that accompany them. With RAPHAEL, it’s a ray of healing energy; with MICHAEL, it strengthens protection.

GUAN YIN protects against promises that aren’t kept, and helps to reveal them before you believe them. In this way, spray protects against betrayal, deception and disappointment. You’ll become more lucid and less attracted by appearances and harmful temptations. You’ll be able to step back and look at things from a fresh, objective perspective, and be able to see the truth behind dishonest intentions. You’ll recognize toxic people, situations and habits and gain the energy you need to free yourself from them.

GUAN YIN energy spray is indicated when:

  • You want to free yourself from an addiction.
  • You want to see more clearly the source and reason for your illness and the feelings that feed it.
  • You’d like to strengthen your capacity for empathy and compassion.
  • You want to take back control of your life and let go of what you no longer need.
  • You want to approach challenges and obstacles with more discernment, without fear or dread.
  • You want to recognize and see your toxic habits, people and situations more easily.
  • You want to develop the courage to stand up to toxic manipulation.

Finally, GUAN YIN helps you experience Divine Grace and learn to observe things from a high perspective. You’ll learn to step back and detach. New solutions, different angles of view, doors that open… GUAN YIN brings about change and evolution, nourishes faith and helps you to better perceive the GRACE that has been bestowed upon you.


GUAN YIN plants 

“A queen holds a court that is talked about. A goddess holds a court that is never forgotten.” Nalini Singh

  • Bergamot, Buddha wood, myrtle, cembra pine and palmarosa: support the will to free oneself from addictions and toxic habits. Help restore the vital force needed to purify and heal body and mind. Help combat guilt and recognize one’s own unique values.
  • Annual wormwood, turmeric, ginger, peppermint, myrrh and palo santo: protect and liberate from negative energies, black magic and astral attacks. These scents awaken inner strengths, promote lucidity in times of crisis and reveal resources for drawing on energy and physical reserves. They facilitate alignment and create coherence between body and mind, making divine grace more evident and tangible.
  • Amyris, Chinese cinnamon, orange, mandarin, petitgrain bigarade and tamala: stimulate creativity and joy, helping us to live more lightly, freeing ourselves from collective norms. By letting go of fear, they create the space needed to identify the tools offered to progress and grow with compassion and warmth.
  • Star anise, caraway cumin, elemi, hinoki, kunzea, eucalyptus radiata and spearmint: soothe emotional and mental turmoil, promoting the inner calm that allows intuition to express itself more fully. Facilitate perception and decoding of signs and messages from the Universe. These scents help us to step back from our mechanisms, habits and behaviors, while anchoring us in our current physical reality.
  • Ho wood, guava, rosalina, sugandha kokila and zanthoxylum alatum: bring profound soothing to the nervous system, relieve suffering, soften moods and encourage the abandonment of old habits and beliefs. They encourage us to change our way of thinking and approach things from new angles and perspectives.
  • Amazonian incense, lemon balm, rose and Himalayan fir: activate the intelligence of the heart and establish a connection with the coronal chakra. These divine scents awaken celestial forces and encourage you to take back the reins of your destiny, while protecting you from toxic and negative manipulations. They support all those who wish to grow, reinforcing love, compassion and empathy. The souls of these plants make you receptive and open, giving you the ability to grasp the help offered.
  • Champaca, common juniper, mountain juniper, sweet lavender and pink lotus: purify emotions and thoughts, helping to feel a deeper connection with all living beings and those who have transcended from beyond. They break mental and psychological stagnation, promoting flexibility and openness, strengthening the will and courage to continue on one’s path.


GUAN YIN minerals 

  • Crystal de rochem: reputed to stimulate the imagination and clairvoyance. It facilitates transcendence and introspection, dissolves energy blockages, purifies the aura and harmonizes energies and emotions.
  • Fluorite: brings clarity and supports concentration, helping to restore order in the face of chaos and disorder. It purifies and detoxifies intense emotions and destructive habits, soothes stress and dissolves fears. It promotes anger management and combats sadness.
  • Chiastolite: balances extreme emotions, calms fears and anxieties, facilitates meditation, strengthens intuition and encourages introspection. It harmonizes cosmic and telluric energies, frees us from parasitic thoughts and sharpens perception.



To feel more inner peace, free yourself from constant negative thoughts, support changing habits and beliefs, do the following ritual every morning and evening:

  • Use GUAN YIN spray as an atmospheric spray.
  • Spray palms and wrists.
  • Do a standing auric massage.
  • Place your hands in prayer under your skull.
  • Keep your eyes closed for two minutes.

You want to free yourself from an addiction, a dependency, a bad habit. Make an appointment with yourself on the evening of a waning moon. When it’s dark, make a contract with the Universe; realize that you really must respect this contract if you want to receive what you’re asking the Universe for:

  • Use GUAN YIN as an atmospheric spray and perform an auric massage. Light a candle, sit down in front of a sheet of paper and write: “I renounce for 40 days …. (e.g. eating sugar, drinking alcohol, smoking… write down something you find very difficult to renounce…) and I want to receive in return… (ask for something you really want, something you’ve been dreaming about for a long time, no matter whether this seems possible or impossible to you.
  • Then thank GUAN YIN for his grace, support and encouragement and repeat the auric massage with the spray.
  • Use GUAN YIN for 40 days as an atmospheric and auric spray.
  • You can also incorporate the following meditation into your daily routine.

One of the best ways to invoke Guan Yin’s presence is to meditate with her mantra, which reinforces serenity and peace, calming the tumult of thoughts and emotions. The mantra is: “OM MANI PADME HUM”, which can be translated as “May the jewel in the lotus be greeted”. Imagine a lotus flower in your heart at the Guan Yin center, with its mantra. If you do the meditation before bedtime, you may receive messages or answers to your questions in your dreams.

  • Take up a comfortable seated meditation position and spray your hands, forearms and wrists with the spray and perform an auric massage.
  • Close your eyes and place your consciousness at heart level.
  • Then start quoting the mantra: “OM MANI PADME HUM” continuously. You can chant it, quote it silently within yourself or quote it aloud.
  • Quote it for 11 minutes.
  • Then remain in silence for 9 minutes, contemplating your thoughts and emotions, or simply enjoying the silence within yourself.

You’re tormented, can’t find the solution to your difficulties, don’t know how to overcome the obstacles. Do the following “walking” meditation for 11 minutes on several consecutive days, until you have overcome your difficulties and found the solutions: 

  • Spray your hands, forearms and wrists with the spray and perform an auric massage.
  • Say the question aloud and give thanks for the solution and dissolution of your difficulties.
  • Walk for 11 minutes in a circle, repeating “OM MANI PADME HUM” aloud or chanting. You can walk around one of your sacred objects or around a tree. Then prostrate yourself (taking into account your physical condition), touch the ground with your hands and bring them up to your forehead.
  • Then sit for 9 minutes. Remain in silence, contemplating your thoughts and emotions.

Guan Yin has a strong affinity with all liquids, especially water. You want to increase the strength of your detoxification cure with hydrolats.

  • Take the hydrolate blend or the hydrolates you will be using during the cure.
  • Place the products in front of you, then perform the sitting meditation as described above.
  • You can perform this meditation every time you prepare liquid remedies to boost their energy.


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