“In the theatre of humans, the spectator seats are reserved for God and his angels.” Pythagoras


Angels are divine messengers who exist in almost all religions and traditions on our planet since the dawn of time. These divine messengers protect us, assist us, inspire us, in short … are there to facilitate our passage on earth. Angels watch over us.

I meditated, imagined the angels present around me and perceived a subtle perfume…

In the oldest traditions, it is believed that angels and transcended beings are attracted by good fragrances, incense is burned, fragrant flowers are offered… to attract them…

According to Greek biblical sources, the archangels are considered to be the messengers of God and responsible for the divine order. They are the guardians of all life forms. They manifest themselves more in times of crisis, when protection and guidance are needed. They bestow joy, inspiration, happiness… connecting with these celestial beings transcends suffering into well-being and fulfillment.  


Using an auric spray changes the energy field of a person. It is like a magic filter creating more harmony between body and mind.

The DIVINE line was born today in order to align ourselves with the vibratory increase of the planet. Each product corresponds to the specific energy of an archangel.

DIVINE by TURIYA offers an original spiritual inspiration. It has the power to raise the vibration of our aura. TURIYA’s DIVINE line was created to promote the awakening of higher consciousness, to purify the energy field and to create the necessary space for self-realization, self-mastery and the revelation of inner beauty. These are very powerful tools to rebalance our energies and to align the soul with the body and mind.

These auric sprays bring subtle energies into our aura and act particularly on the etheric body (our electromagnetic field) and on the astral body (the subtle body that carries all our emotions). They create movement in the subtle bodies in order to drain stored energies and create a new space to welcome new experiences, ways of acting and thinking. The use of the sprays invites our essence, our higher self, our soul to manifest more.

Each auric spray brings the specific properties of plants and precious stones. Unique synergies corresponding to distinct indications. The products are made from organic alcohol, essential oils, hydrolats and precious stones.

They are designed to protect against environmental pollution, facilitate communication, evolution, intuition, evolution and healing. TURIYA’s DIVINE auric sprays support the deepest aspects of us. Each spray is designed to represent the essence of one of the archangels, the energy rays of the Universe. They can also be used as room sprays to release subtle vibrations.

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