The CONFIANCE synergy with its woody, warm, earthy and spicy scent will help you trust your instincts and make you discover the power of your first chakra, Muladhara, which is located at the level of your perineum and connects you to the earth. In every initiatory journey it is important to balance it first in order to create stability and a feeling of certainty and security.

Muladhara’s energy extends from the base of the spine downwards through the legs and feet, like a root. This forms your deepest connections between your physical body, your environment and Mother Earth. This chakra symbolizes your relationship with the material world. It determines your need for certainty and security, your ability to trust and creates your survival instinct.

The root chakra is linked to your basic needs. This chakra manifests your primary and ancestral instincts. It answers all questions of survival, such as the need for food, sleep, exercise, shelter, security, certainty and stability.

When Muladhara is balanced and healthy, you show courage, confidence, willpower, perseverance and you instinctively know what is good for your physical, psychological and spiritual health. You know how to honour Mother Earth, nature, animals, your physical body and your family. You know how to face obstacles and challenges. You have an innate confidence and you know how to give confidence to others. You make decisions with determination.


Unbalanced Muladhara

As the root chakra is the base, its imbalance causes blockages in all the other energy centres. Consequently, its functioning will influence our physical, mental, psychological and spiritual health. The following causes can create a weakening of the first chakra: lack of security in the first five years of life, moving house, changing jobs, separation from one’s family…

A weak Muladhara manifests itself by: a feeling of being disconnected, one is disorganized, one lacks concentration, one is afraid of missing out, one feels the need to control everything, one lacks stamina, obstacles seem insurmountable, doubt is permanent, one has difficulty creating financial security.


Keys to Healing

You want to overcome fears and uncertainties:

• Mix 30 ml of vegetable oil with 30 drops of the TRUST synergy.

• After your morning shower, massage the pubic area, sacrum and feet daily with this massage oil.

• Three times a day, smell the CONFIANCE synergy with your eyes closed for two minutes and visualise roots that start from the soles of your feet and anchor you to the ground.

• At the same time, take a course of treatment with angelica root hydrolate (drink 1 litre of water per day with a tablespoon of this hydrolate).

You want to anchor yourself in the present moment:

• Massage the soles of the feet, the kidney area, the back of the knees and the solar plexus with a few drops of the CONFIANCE synergy to dissolve worries and projections of the future.

• Drink a glass of water with the marjoram hydrosol.


You lack hindsight, you remain attached to a situation, a person, a place or a memory…. You are in pain but you are not able to distance yourself from it. Do the following ritual in the morning and before sleeping for 11 days:

• Dilute 5 drops of CONFIANCE synergy with a little vegetable oil and massage the feet and ankles.

• Drop one drop of TRUST synergy on each wrist. Then massage them thoroughly with your thumb.

• Smell the bottle standing upright with your eyes closed, imagine roots growing under the soles of your feet and say CONFIANCE 5 times.

• At the same time, drink 1 litre of water daily with 1 c.s. of HA of vetiver. (Does it mean coffee spoon of Hydrosol?)

• Wear a bracelet or necklace of red jasper, garnet, bull’s eye or hematite.


You are scattered, a perfectionist, you easily lose your emotional balance and your confidence as soon as you are under pressure, your need to control everything, you are obsessive:

• Use the CONFIANCE synergy as a fragrance in times of stress. One drop on your heart, one drop on each wrist and behind each ear.

• Smell the bottle 3 times a day, with your eyes closed while standing up, for two full minutes, repeating “I am who I am no more and no less”.

• Drink 1 litre of water daily with 1 tablespoon of yarrow, angelica or vetiver hydrosol.

• Wear bracelets or necklaces with red jasper, carnelian, ruby, garnet, hematite.


You lack detachment and easily feel overwhelmed by fears and jealousy, you feel lonely, disconnected and isolated. Do the following meditation for 40 days:

• Apply 2-3 drops of CONFIANCE on the soles of your feet, 1-2 drops on the coccyx and 1-2 drops in the palms of your hands, rub them together, then place them for a moment in front of your face, deeply inhaling the scent of the synergy.

• Take a sitting meditation posture.

• Visualize roots growing from your coccyx and the soles of your feet, anchoring you to the ground.
• Then observe your thoughts for a moment.

• As the root chakra is activated by the colour red, imagine a red glow at the base of your spine. Slowly expand this red glow, making the whole area warm and relaxed. Rest in this sensation for 5 minutes.

• Then slowly open your eyes and walk for 5 minutes repeating the word TRUST in a rhythm of five (pause each time after five times).


For therapeutic treatments

• Therapists can give a sniff of the bottle to suspicious, perfectionist, Cartesian people who feel lonely and isolated.

• Put a few drops of the synergy on the pillow around the person’s head during the treatment.

• Mix 5 drops of CONFIANCE synergy with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and massage the person’s feet.

• Then massage the area of the coccyx and sacrum. Keep your hands on the sacrum for a moment, with eyes closed, quoting the mantra LAM inside you.


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