The TRANSFORMATION synergy with its warm, spicy, powerful, aromatic and stimulating fragrance awakens the desire to take one’s destiny into one’s own hands, to make a choice, to move forward. It will help you discover the strength of the fire that sits in your 3rd chakra, Manipura, which is located in the solar plexus, at the level of the diaphragm towards the tip of the sternum. It is the home of your intellect, your ego, your physical and energetic digestion.

Manipura creates your need for recognition, to feel that you are an important part of your community. The strength of the 3rd chakra is to transform intellectual data, emotions, food. It is the source of your personal power and self-confidence.

The 3rd chakra determines your capacity to take responsibility, your ambition, your will to succeed and be recognised, your need for power and control, your intellectual and analytical relevance. Manipura is the essence of your personality, the home of your thoughts, emotions, memories…

When Manipura is balanced and healthy, then you know how to show emotional maturity and discernment, how to control your thoughts, how to make conscious choices wisely. It allows you to grasp your personal power without wanting to dominate others, to trust, to follow your path with determination, to take responsibility with courage and willpower, to integrate and live the knowledge you have learned. You know how to “digest” experiences and food. Your strength to memorise data and your ability to concentrate depend on the health of the 3rd chakra.


Unbalanced Manipura

Manipura’s blockage and weakness may be due to the fact that one has not “digested” rejections or disappointments or that one only feels recognized if one is “performing”. The weakness of the 3rd chakra manifests itself in the inability to assert oneself, fear of authority, the tendency to manipulate and paradoxically to be manipulated, the constant fear that others will make decisions for us. We lack respect and self-esteem, we tend to adopt an attitude of a victim, we complain about not being taken into consideration, not being respected, we are susceptible and we can’t stand criticism.

We have difficulty in setting an objective, a goal, we lack vision for the future. There are many disorders associated with Manipura dysfunction: digestive problems, sleep disorders, metabolic syndrome, food intolerances and allergies, weak memory, difficulty integrating knowledge, difficulty concentrating, irritability, anger, frustration, hypercritical, cynical, cynical mind, omnipresent judgement, lack of flexibility and open-mindedness.


Keys to Healing

You lack mental clarity and lucidity, you are on the edge. The slightest thing annoys you and you have difficulty focusing on one thing at a time. Do the following ritual for 9 days:

• Massage the solar plexus area with a few drops of TRANSFORMATION. Contemplate the flame of a candle, simultaneously smelling the bottle for at least 5 minutes. This soothes fragile nerves and strengthens emotional control.

• At the same time, drink 1 litre of water per day with 1 tablespoon of Roman chamomile hydrolate.

• Wear a bracelet or necklace of citrine, yellow jade, tiger’s eye or imperial topaz.


You are stressed, always react in the same way to a conflict, you stagnate in your mental mechanisms, you have difficulty integrating new knowledge. Do the following ritual for 21 days:

• Mix 60 drops of TRANSFORMATION with 30 ml of vegetable oil.

• Every morning, massage the solar plexus and the palms of the hands with the massage oil.

• Then drop one drop of TRANSFORMATION onto the palms of the hands and place them in front of the face.

• Take a few deep breaths and say 9 times TRANSFORM and 9 times INTEGRATE.

• Keep the bottle of TRANSFORMATION on you and smell it for two minutes with your eyes closed and your consciousness placed at the level of the solar plexus each time you feel overwhelmed by emotions, stress, agitation.


Relax in case of stress:

• You are standing with both feet firmly on the ground (if you have heels, take off your shoes).

• Drop 2 – 3 drops on your wrists, place your hands in front of your face, breathe in deeply, then position your hands in front of the solar plexus forming a sphere.

• Fill the sphere with gold-coloured light and stand still for a moment, breathing regularly.

You take yourself too seriously, you can’t laugh at yourself, you are cynical, do the following ritual for 11 days:

• Massage the solar plexus every morning with a few drops of the TRANSFORMATION synergy.

• Smell the bottle while looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling for two minutes.

• Before noon and at the end of the day: place one hand on the solar plexus, smile and smell the bottle for two minutes with your eyes closed.


If you would like to gain more wisdom, perspective, emotional maturity, more focus, a clearer vision of the future, do the following ritual for 40 days at the end of the day:

• Mix 100 drops of TRANSFORMATION synergy with 100 ml of vegetable oil.

• Massage the stomach, back (if possible), thumbs and big toes. Also insist on the arch of the feet.

• Drop 2 – 3 drops of TRANSFORMATION in your hands.

• Light a candle. Then lie down on your back.

• Place your hands in front of your face and breathe deeply, imagining a luminous golden sphere that rests on your solar plexus, penetrates it and spreads its light into your diaphragm and then all over your body, then place your hands on your solar plexus.

• Observe your thoughts and emotions for a moment and then take a meditation position sitting in front of the candle and stare at the flame. Then close your eyes and imagine that this flame continues to illuminate the inside of you.

• Repeat in silence, with your eyes closed, the mantra RAM. Repeat it continuously. If thoughts appear, take note and repeat the mantra for at least 11 minutes.


You are angry, angry at a person or a situation:

• Take a sitting meditation position.

• Imagine yourself in the situation that makes you angry or in front of the person who makes you angry. Feel this anger, its intensity and observe which areas of your body it affects, its influence on your heartbeat, the tension in your stomach, do not resist and feel what is happening in your inner world.

• Then massage the palms of your hands with a few drops of TRANSFORMATION.

• Smell the bottle for at least 3 minutes, with your eyes closed, with your consciousness placed at the level of your solar plexus, visualising the situation in the middle of a golden sphere. Imagine that the golden sphere becomes larger and larger and the situation becomes smaller and smaller until it disappears completely.

• Then say 9 times TRANSFORMATION.


For therapeutic treatments

• Therapists can make people who are angry, stressed, overwhelmed by emotions, confused, with a victim’s attitude who blame the world for their unhappiness, to smell the bottle.

• Put a few drops of the synergy on the pillow around the person’s head during the treatment.

• Mix 5 drops of the TRANSFORMATION synergy with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and massage the belly and the dorsal vertebrae for people who are stressed, emotional, struggling to overcome their judgements, anger… or in case of pain in the dorsal vertebrae.

• Keep your hands on the solar plexus or on the dorsal vertebrae for a moment, quoting the RAM mantra inside you.


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