The VISION synergy with its mysterious, amber, tenacious, camphorated, aromatic, fresh, deep and refined fragrance awakens the strength of the 6th chakra, Ajna, the 3rd eye. It creates the link with the infinite and brings light into the darkness of repetitive thoughts that go round and round in a loop.
The 6th chakra is the crossroads between intellect and emotion. It is here that intuition meets the mind and wisdom can be formed. Akasha, the space element takes on a more subtle, luminous form here. It is in the third eye that your ability to see beyond physical appearances lies. Ajna controls the entire endocrine system, the nervous system, the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. The need to contribute and surpass the limits of the ego resides in Ajna.

When your 3rd eye is balanced and healthy, you have a strong imagination and a great capacity for visualisation. Your ideas are born from the images of your inner world and you manage to detach yourself from collective programmes. You see clearly the interferences between all things and know how to recognise the synchronisms of life. Your consciousness is awakened and you are constantly observing your inner and outer world, knowing how to perceive subtle messages. You have good intuition, discernment, and faith is innate. Prayer and meditation are part of your daily practice. You have let go of the programmes of the past and have created space for newness, evolution and change.


Unbalanced Ajna

Remaining attached to past experiences, beliefs, sensory perceptions of the outside world blocks this chakra. Its awakening requires discipline, spiritual practice and self-giving. A blocked Ajna can mean, refusing everything that the mind cannot understand. Everything that concerns spirituality, abstract thought, dimensions that are not palpable by the intellect is automatically rejected. Thought is only oriented towards what the collective intellect dictates and one adheres to ideas, prejudices and ready-made programmes.

One is unable to think outside the box. Behaviour is that of the sheep that follows the troop without asking questions. The result is selfishness and egocentricity, poor memory and concentration, lack of creativity and inspiration, and an inability to step back and put experiences into perspective. This lack of questioning leads to blaming others for one’s own misfortunes and adopting a victim’s attitude.


Keys to Healing

You find it difficult to channel your ideas, you get lost in your thoughts without finding the essential key to solution or dissolution. Do the following ritual for 36 days when you get up:

• Apply one drop of VISION under each sole of the foot, one drop on the solar plexus, one drop on the 3rd eye and 1 drop on the coronal chakra.

• Smell the bottle three times a day with your eyes closed for two minutes, with your consciousness placed between the two eyebrows at the level of Ajna.


You are attached to your past, you are afraid of losing your possessions, your work, the people who are close to you. Do the following meditation daily for 40 days to purify your mind of your fears:

• Keep the bottle of VISION close to you, accessible at all times. (Handbag, workplace, bedside table).

• Rub the area of the spleen (located under the rib cage on the left) and the top of the skull with a few drops of the synergy.

• Then take a sitting meditation posture.

• Quote 108 times with the help of a mala (Buddhist or Hindu rosary) in silence the mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAYA or repeat it continuously for 11 minutes.


Smell the bottle three times a day with your eyes closed for two minutes, with your consciousness between your eyebrows, and observe what is happening in your inner world. You torture your mind with unanswered existential questions:

• Every morning apply one drop of VISION to the third eye and one drop to the temples.

• Smell the bottle with your eyes closed, consciousness in Ajna, every time you feel that you are overwhelmed.


You cultivate the belief that you are different, marginal, separated from your environment, you do not feel uniqueness, you prejudge and judge without being aware of it. Do the following ritual in front of a mirror, for 21 consecutive days, at least twice a day:

• Apply one drop of VISION to the solar plexus, one drop to the heart, one drop to the hollow of the neck and one drop to the third eye.

• Drop 2 – 3 drops onto your hands and rub them together. Place your hands for a moment in front of your face and breathe deeply.

• Then perform an auricular massage over the whole body, i.e. massage movements without touching it.

• Look at your eyes in the mirror and repeat 10 times, AHAM BRAHMASMI.

• Breathe in the VISION bottle three times a day for two minutes with your eyes closed, consciousness placed in the third eye.


You are easily destabilised, you do not feel protected, you have the feeling that others do not respect you, you have inner conflicts and you lack clarity, you are unaware of the mechanisms of your ego :

• Mix 30 ml of vegetable oil with 30 drops of VISION.

• Massage your ankles and heels with the oil.

• Smell the bottle when you feel unsettled, with your eyes closed and your consciousness placed in the third eye.


Take a detoxifying bath that purifies the body and mind :

• Mix 8 drops of VISION with a handful of sea salt and add to the bath water.

• Light a candle that you can contemplate during your bath.

• You can also listen to meditative music.

• Take your bath and stare at the flame, close your eyes from time to time and visualise the flame in your 3rd eye.

• Just observe your thoughts and emotions, let them come and let them go.


You wish to develop your observation skills, clarify your ideas, be more focused and concentrated, you wish to develop more intuition, do the following ritual for 40 days:

• Mix 30 ml of vegetable oil with 30 drops of VISION.

• Massage the neck, wrists and forehead with this oil every morning.

• Then inhale the bottle for three minutes with your eyes closed, pressing with your middle finger on the point at the top of the spine at the hairline.

• Regularly smell the bottle with your eyes closed to centre yourself.

• At the end of the day, do the following meditation: Apply a drop of VISION between the upper lip and nose and a drop on the third eye. Then smell the bottle with your eyes closed and say the word OBSERVE 6 times.

• Say your first name and say the word OBSERVE 6 times.

• Then you can mention one by one your sufferings, your fears, your blockages, your difficult relationships, each time followed by 6 times the word OBSERVE. For example, you can say

• Fear of rejection 6 times OBSERVE

• Lack of confidence 6 times OBSERVE

• Relationship with XY 6 times OBSERVE

• Reaction to … 6 times OBSERVE

• Then stay for 11 minutes in silence and contemplate your thoughts.


For therapeutic treatments

• Therapists can make people who have difficulty visualising their future, who lack clarity, who don’t know what they want, who feel they are misunderstood, different, smell the bottle.

• Put a few drops of the synergy on the pillow around the person’s head during the treatment.

• Mix 5 drops of VISION Synergy with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and massage the forehead, neck, temples and eyebrows in case of migraine.

• Lift the head with one hand and place the other on the forehead. Remain for a moment like this in silence, quoting the mantra KSHRAUM silently inside you.


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