Bala Tripurasundari or Bala for short, is a Hindu child Goddess. In Sanskrit, Bala has multiple meanings: “young”, “power”, “strength of mind” or “like a child”.

In Hinduism it is a term often associated with youth and Krishna, the God of children. In yoga we speak of the balasana posture or child’s posture.

The “pancha bala” represent the 5 forces that guide us to enlightenment.

In Buddhist and yogic texts, pancha bala are:

Saddha bala – faith or conviction –

Viriya bala – energy or effort –

Sati bala – mindfulness or attention –

Samadhi bala – the focus –

Panna bala – wisdom – 

Some of the balas may dominate, but the balance between the balas is necessary for a stable and harmonious life. 

BALA by TURIYA is a synergy of essential oils indicated in situations where we need to free ourselves from the mirage, from the perception of what we live, in short from the illusions that the mind has built. Its powerful and intriguing scent supports awareness and helps to access to the subconscious to reveal our deepest truth.

If we succeed in unmasking the existing illusory forms, then a vibratory readjustment can take place and certain habits of the mind and destructive emotions vanish. It is not always easy to see that we have self-hypnotized ourselves with many programs, beliefs, patterns and principles and that our illusions often cause blockages and limits to our possibilities.

BALA was created to become aware of our illusions and to transform them:

  • Hidden and inner fears: These unacknowledged fears are often our greatest vampires; they compromise our life force and weaken us at all levels of existence.
  • Frustrations: Inner frustrations often come from the fact that we have not expressed ourselves clearly and then we are at odds with the outside world. We say YES and we think NO. How long have we been in this state? The problem is that we have been stuck in inner conflicts that generate sadness, anger, and fears, diminishing our life force.
  • Distorted visions: Contemporary discourses of all kinds have an enormous hypnotic power over the collective consciousness and obviously create an enormous number of illusions at all levels of beliefs and habits. Sometimes, they even create real walls that block the evolution of life. These illusions disturb the coherence between the body and the mind, between the chakras and the subtle bodies.

BALA facilitates the purification of the spirit and the opening on new horizons. It accompanies us ideally during the rites of initiation, helps us to find the innocence of spirit and to connect thus with the soul of the child to awaken our interior power.


Essential oils of Bala

“Crises are harbingers of evolution.”

                                                                            Bruce Lipton

  • Annual mugwort, myrrh, palo santo: drive out negative energies, purify the mind and facilitate awareness. These plants often symbolize the sacred in different traditions and facilitate access to cognitive memory and the subconscious.
  • Galbanum, ginger, clove, wild thyme, tea tree: root, strengthen confidence and awaken inner strength to face challenges with certainty and courage.
  • Juniper, gingerlily, hinoki, 3-lobed sage, shiso: purify the emotions, regenerate the mind, and help to regain clarity. Important transformers, they help to unmask the illusions we have built up over time. They have an important effect on the parasympathetic nervous system and contribute to comfort and mental well-being.
  • Amyris, pink berry, Siam wood, patchouli, black pepper: nourish the first two chakras and help balance the need for security and variety. These woody and musky scents facilitate the dissolution of limiting beliefs around the material aspects of life.
  • Basil canum, ho wood, magnolia: open the heart, strengthen a fragile nervous system, facilitate letting go, help to get out of lethargy and accept uncertainty.
  • Lemon basil, rose geranium, lime, litsea, palmarosa, grapefruit: contribute to the harmonization of the solar plexus and attract They strengthen concentration and clarity.
  • Cembra pine and Scots pine, Siberian fir, hyssop decumbens, myrtle, ravintsara, rosemary cineol: decongest the respiratory tract, strengthen the physical and energetic immune system, activate the circulation of prana. They facilitate the connection between the 4th and 5th chakras.
  • Coriander, sugandha kokila, sweet thyme linalol, sweet thyme thuyanol, zanthoxylum alatum, myrtle, ravintsara, rosemary cineol: protect the physical and energetic immune system and are major antivirals. These plants help to keep clarity of mind, emotional control and thus better perceive the truth behind appearances.
  • Rose and lavandin abrial : lead the mind to perceive the subtle dimensions and dissolve the feeling of separation.

The minerals of Bala

  • Volcanic obsidian and snowflake obsidian: balance the emotions, dispel negativity that is detrimental to mental health, strengthen stability, which is necessary to be able to change things. Harmonize the 3rd eye and strengthen self-awareness.
  • Rock crystal: strengthens concentration, fights addictions, protects the energetic and physical immune system. Fight against pain, whether physical or psychological. Supports self-confidence and intuition.
  • Dumortierite: soothing, this stone favors concentration, memorization, clarity of mind. It calms anxieties, balances extreme emotions, favors intuition and facilitates communication with the subtle dimensions.
  • Sodalite: the stone of prophecies in the Celts and Greeks. Sodalite fights against destructive energies, reduces fears, calms the mind, and thus facilitates clarity, wisdom and solidarity.

BALA A synergy for the times

“Just as ripples radiate from where a stone is dropped into a pool of water, our unconscious thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs create “disturbances” in the universe and become the blueprints for our lives.” Gregg Braden

With BALA, clarity, dynamism and freshness penetrate our body, mind, and hover in the rooms we live in. We gain discernment, insight and develop the ability to step back and see things from different angles.

The fresh notes of citrus (lime, grapefruit), stimulating conifers (cembra pine, Scots pine, Siberian pine) combined with aromatherapy treasures such as palo santo, hinoki, gingerlily, magnolia, shiso, 3-lobed sage and rose give the blend a variety of unique effects.

Invigorating, activating, joyful and purifying, BALA opens the mind and helps to structure thoughts. 

Stay alert and dynamic

  • Thanks to particularly skin-friendly ingredients such as ginger, gingerlily, patchouli, thyme linalool, tea tree, coriander, myrtle, lavandin abrial and rose, BALA is ideally suited to skin care products. You can blend it yourself with your products (shampoo, massage oil, face or body cream, baths, shower gel, etc.) according to your needs.
  • Stream BALA at your workplace or during times when clarity and discernment need to be honed.

Overcome the fear of judgement from others, let go of your beliefs, free yourself from the fear of losing control

Collective energy can increase susceptibility, reinforce fears and stress, cause a weakening of mental clarity and concentration; as a result, we become bitter without even realizing it, we lose lightness and joy of life. The following ritual awakens our mental alertness and allows us to remain objective and serene, regardless of external circumstances. Do it for at least 11 consecutive days and then continue if you feel the need.


  • Rub the solar plexus, the third eye and the wrists with a few drops of BALA.
  • Smell the bottle with your eyes closed for two minutes, imagining a golden sphere in your third


  • Rub the solar plexus, the third eye and the wrists with a few drops of BALA.
  • Sit comfortably and light a candle. Place your consciousness at the level of your third Look at the flame while smelling the bottle for a long time.
  • Then close your eyes, keep your awareness at the level of the 3rd Let your thoughts come and go without evaluating or judging them.
  • You can open your eyes from time to time and stare at the flame and then close them again.
  • Meditate for 20 minutes.

Maintain your clarity and lucidity, stay relaxed and resist external pressure:

When you are under pressure, under stress, when you have the feeling of losing control over your emotions, when you tend to justify yourself, to argue, when you have lost your inner peace, do at least 3 times a day the following ritual:

  • Put a few drops of BALA in the palms of your hands, place them in front of your face, inhale deeply, then place your hands in front of the solar plexus forming a sphere and remain for a moment motionless while breathing regularly.
  • Bring BALA to your workplace.

You are nostalgic, remain attached to the past, are stuck in old mental habits. The following meditation for 27 days at the end of the day facilitates detachment:

  • Sit comfortably. Imagine that you are alone in an ancient sacred temple.
  • Massage the palms of the hands, the solar plexus, and the crown chakra with a few drops of BALA.
  • Smell the bottle for two minutes with your eyes closed and your consciousness at the level of the crown chakra.
  • Immerse yourself in your earliest memories as far as your mind can go and stay with those memories for 6 minutes.
  • Then silently say the following statement 3 times: “I let go of my past, I am ready to evolve”.
  • Then let the memories come back for 6 minutes.
  • Then repeat 3 times the statement: “I let go of my past, I am ready to evolve”.
  • Do a total of three 6-minute cycles for a total of 18 minutes.
  • Finally, remain two minutes in silence, always visualizing that you are in a sacred temple; tell yourself that you can visit the past whenever you want, but that the past is not the present moment.

You are suspicious, you cultivate secrets, mysteries. You do not reveal who you are for fear of being hurt. You have a feeling of isolation, of loneliness, you no longer perceive the link between beings and circumstances. Do the SO HAM meditation associated with BALA to purify the channel between the heart chakra and the crown chakra as well as gain clarity and dissolve the feeling of separation.

The mantra So Ham means “I am that”, “I am the Divine”, “I am”. It is a mantra that is suitable for everyone and ideally accompanies the breath. It is quoted silently within. It pacifies the body and mind and allows you to reconnect to yourself, to your essence, to your truth. SO HAM integrates “I am who I am in all my complexity, I honor what has built me…”

  • Rub the forehead, the coronal chakra and the point between the nose and the upper lip with 1 drop of BALA.
  • Sit down and make yourself comfortable.
  • Smell the bottle for two minutes with your eyes closed and your awareness at the level of the 3rd
  • Observe your breathing for a moment.
  • Feel the air passing through your nasal cavity, throat, trachea, and bronchi with each inhalation and exhalation.
  • Then begin to say on the inhale (in silence inside you) SO and on the exhale HAM.
  • Spend at least 11 minutes on this meditation.
  • Then remain silent for a moment.


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