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Archangel Michael is also called the Prince of Archangels or the Prince of all Angels, the leader of the heavenly forces. He is considered the most powerful of the Archangels. His Hebrew name MIKHA-EL means “he who is like God”. He is the support and saviour of precarious and dangerous situations. A precious guide who accompanies souls after death to the kingdom of heaven, ensuring their protections.

Michael is also the angel of law and justice and is often depicted with scales in his hand. He reveals the truth and removes the veil of illusion and selfishness. In doing so, he gently guides you to knowledge and helps you to face your truth. Focusing on the energy of Archangel Michael allows you to strengthen your best self and dispel the darkness.



This spray creates a powerful protective filter and the ability to better perceive the deep truth that resides within you. It dispels destructive energies, awakens clarity and courage. It helps when you feel that you have lost the meaning of your life. It creates balance between the celestial and telluric forces, between the masculine and the feminine and thus aligns the subtle bodies and the chakras.

It stabilizes emotions and supports clarity. It reveals your highest knowledge and deepest feelings. It brings acceptance, patience, tolerance and flexibility. It is an excellent remedy when you are short of time, when you have to face many challenges, when you have to take on many responsibilities and when you want to stay connected to your sensitivity, to your intuition, to stay calm… MICHAEL allows increased concentration and supports mental logic. In this way, it supports learning, strengthens memory, brings discernment, methodical and organized sense…

Finally, it makes you more receptive to the subtle messages of spiritual guides and angels. It facilitates the work of introspection and makes it possible to bring up distant memories in order to be able to release more easily the programs and beliefs which do not have any more reason to be.

In short, MICHAEL allows you to refocus, restores confidence, protects against external aggression, manipulation, negative energies and awakens the courage and confidence to progress in your path.


The MICHAEL auric spray is indicated when :

Ø  You feel like a victim.

Ø  You have lost your self-confidence.

Ø  You are afraid, worried for no apparent reason, suffer from nightmares, feel threatened.

Ø  You seek your truth.

Ø  You feel you have lost control of your life.

Ø  You are lethargic, tired, have lost your dynamism, your motivation.

Ø  You lack courage and perseverance.

Ø  It’s time to take the next step.


The Michael auric spray evokes: calm, protection, security, justice, confidence, dissolution of a dangerous situation, courage, purification, truth, strength, structure, balance…


Michael’s plants


The creative life, loving things, is also a healthy life. There is healing and protection in doing what makes you happy.” Richard Bach

Ø  Mugwort, Mugwort Ludoviciana, Davana, Fennel, Rose Geranium, Palo Santo, Sage, Thuja protect against manipulation, negative energies, astral attacks, energy parasites…

Ø  True Acore, Atlas Blue Chamomile, Coriander, Eucalyptus globulus, Hyssop, Immortelle, Kunzea, Ravintsara, Shiso bring back ancestral memories and reveal the deep truth of oneself…

Ø  Turmeric, Cajeput, Lavender, Myrtle purify and facilitate the renewal…

Ø  Cardamom, Cedars, Sacred Incense, Tarragon, Juniper transform suffering and awaken the courage to continue one’s path…

Ø  Basil canum, Ho wood, Hinoki, Kewra, Litsea preserve harmony and serenity

Ø  Grapefruit, pine, fir trees help to stay alert, dynamic, voluntary…


Michael’s minerals

   Dumortierite: soothing, favors concentration, memorization, clarity of mind. It calms anxieties, balances extreme emotions, favours intuition and facilitates the communication with the subtle dimensions.

  Labradorite: protects against negative energies, reduces anxiety, fears, energizes and stimulates the immune system

   Black Tourmaline: decreases the negative effect of electromagnetic fields. Revitalizes and supports the detoxification of body and mind.




Auric protection

Ø  Spray both soles of the hands with the spray, then do an auric massage, that is, make movements as if you were massaging in the aura; in front, behind, on the sides, around the head.

Ø  Place the hands in prayer position in front of the 3ème eyes for a moment and stay in this position for a moment.


After an argument, conflicts, dense and heavy atmosphere

Ø  Air the room for a moment

Ø  Then spray the room with the spray.


Before a meeting

Ø  Spray the meeting room with the spray, the chairs can also be sprayed.


Meditation with Archangel Michael

Ø  Get into a comfortable sitting posture

Ø  Spray the soles of your hands with the spray and do an auric massage as described above.

Ø  Place your hands in prayer in front of the 3rd eye and form a prayer with your words evoking Michael’s protection.


For example:

Thank you Archangel Michael for surrounding me and all the people I love with your loving and reassuring protection, today and forever. Thank you for helping me to cut all the destructive attachments of my past, so that I can move forward, unburdened, into the future. Thank you for being here at this very important time.

Then remain for 11 minutes in silence, with your consciousness placed in the 3rd eye. Imagine being enveloped by a blue light.






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