TURIYA presents the FUSION series composed of seven synergies of

essential oils contributing to harmonization and healing energy


The incredible kaleidoscope of knowledge of energy centres through time is fascinating, many ancestral cultures had recognised their effectiveness. The last decades have been marked by a growing openness to energy approaches and concepts and several scientific discoveries attest to the effectiveness of exercises practiced on these energy centres formerly taught exclusively by shamans, priests and healers.

Energy centres are present in most health systems, such as acupuncture points in Chinese medicine, pressure points in Japanese shiatsu, dahnjons in Korean tradition and marmas points in Ayurveda. Other traditions common among the Egyptians and in the Jewish Kabbalah also speak of activating different spheres in the human body. All these practices aim to activate the progressive awakening of the human being and to elevate spiritual, emotional and physical health. They embrace the belief in invisible energies and the human anatomy, beyond appearances and evidences understandable to the intellect. Indeed, all of these traditions recognise an interaction between cosmic and physical realities and link the invisible universe to the physical reality of this earth. Thus, each energy centre present in the human body is a receptacle of this powerful link.

In the Vedic tradition, these 108 energy centres are called marmas and are directed by seven main centres called chakras. Metaphorically, the chakras are doors that invite us to be open and thus access a field of consciousness where the possibilities of realising all our aspirations are infinite.

The FUSION range of synergies is designed to awaken the senses and these invisible doors in harmony with the the needs of the present time

Through the products of TURIYA’s Fusion range and their different practical applications proposed in this brochure, you will be able to feel more of these different energy centres, become aware of the dimensions beyond your physical reality and gain confidence, creativity and wisdom, improve your ability to communicate, feel the connection with everything that exists and have a clearer vision of your path to grow and evolve.

Exercises that activate the chakras accompanied by essential oils and hydrolats integrated into rituals and meditations, with sounds or precious stones, quickly lead to positive changes. The reason for the effectiveness of essential oils and hydrolats in energy therapy comes from the sensuality of the remedy. It is a work that is done with all our senses, the olfactory, taste and touch combined with the visual and auditory.

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