The PASSION synergy with its warm, heady, floral, sweet and suave fragrance will awaken your passion, your sensuality, your creativity and will help you discover the strength that sits in your second chakra, Svadhistana, which is located below your navel at pubic height. It is the seat of your sensuality, your creativity, your joy of life.

Svadhistana, also called the sacred chakra, creates your need for variety and change. It composes your deepest links with sensuality and passion. It embodies your relationship to the discovery and exploration of the world, determines the strength of your emotions, the ability to feel pleasure, physical connection and intimacy. Motivated by pleasure and joy, this Sacred Chakra is the driving force that allows you to enjoy life.

The 2nd chakra is considered the centre of your sexual identity. It supports fertility, creativity, communication, the ability to experience physical pleasure, vitality and entrepreneurship. It connects you to the element of water and taste.

When your sacred chakra is balanced and healthy, you know how to feel and experience life in all its fullness. As a centre of passion, your Sacred Chakra awakens your creative power. You are curious and enjoy discovering new horizons, enjoying a good meal, a joyful moment with friends, feeling pleasure in intimate moments. You are passionate, creative, sensual and manage to connect to your feelings and emotions. It allows you to remain flexible, to move forward and to accept changes.


Unbalanced Svadhistana

A weak sacred chakra complicates the experience of sensuality. In this case, it is difficult to enjoy life, one cannot savour it, one does not know how to benefit from it. Blockages of the 2nd chakra often come from childhood. Sexual topics are taboo, abuse of power over the child, incest, the impossibility of being able to go beyond set limits, to explore the world… Blocked Svadhistana manifests itself through addictions, emotional dependencies, eating disorders, Fear of pleasure, fear of other people’s eyes, inability to feel strong emotions, low libido, one gets bored very quickly, one easily loses motivation, one looks for strong sensations without wanting to take responsibility… frustration is omnipresent. We always keep a certain distance in our relationships, we avoid commitments, emotions are unstable…


Keys to Healing

You can’t manage to free yourself from your dependencies… Make a contract with the Universe:

• Write on a piece of paper: “I renounce for 40 days … (e.g. smoking, drinking alcohol, eating chocolate, etc. etc.) and I want to receive in return … (write something that is really important to you, that is very important to you, that gives you joy) … Be aware that you have to respect the contract if you want to receive what you ask the Universe to give you.

• Every time the “demons” of addiction are waiting for you, smell the bottle for two minutes, sitting down, imagining yourself in an orange sphere, with your consciousness placed at the level of your genitals.

• Then say the word JOY 14 times, pausing after 7 times and smiling.

• Daily apply a drop of PASSION to the pubis, a drop on the solar plexus and a drop in the middle of the chest at heart level by pressing for a moment with your thumb on this point.

• Use the PASSION synergy as a perfume.

• At the same time, make a cure with bergamot and sandalwood hydrolate (1 litre of water per day with 1 tablespoon of each).


You are afraid of judgement, of the gaze of others:

• Drop two drops of PASSION in your hands each morning, put them for a moment in front of your face and smell the perfume.

• Then give yourself an auric massage, smiling constantly.

• Smell the bottle every time during the day when you feel unsettled.

• Wear bracelets or necklaces with carnelian and moonstone.


To feel more pleasure in precious moments of intimacy :

• Dilute 5 drops of PASSION synergy with a little vegetable oil and massage the coccyx area, lumbar region and lower abdomen before making love.

• Smell the bottle with your eyes closed for two minutes and imagine yourself in an orange sphere.

Your lower back is easily sore:

• Massage the wrists 3 times a day with 2 – 3 drops of the PASSION synergy.

• Mix 100 ml of vegetable oil with 100 drops of PASSION synergy and massage the lower back daily with this oil.


You easily lose your motivation, you get bored very quickly, you lack creativity, inspiration…, do the following exercise for 9 days:

• Breathe in the PASSION bottle with your eyes closed for two minutes, with your consciousness placed at the level of your genitals.

• Imagine being surrounded by an orange light.

• Massage both wrists with 2 drops of PASSION.

• Lie down for 20 minutes and imagine several situations where you go off the beaten track. Don’t be afraid of ridicule. Imagine your car taking off like an aeroplane, your business card that can talk, talking in front of a stage…

• Smell your wrists from time to time.

• During this time keep a diary and write down the ideas and projects you want to realise.

• Wear bracelets or pearl necklaces.


For therapeutic treatments

• Therapists can make people who are afraid, hesitant, shy… who find it difficult to express clearly what they want, smell the bottle.

• Put a few drops of the synergy on the pillow around the person’s head during the treatment.

• Mix 5 drops of the PASSION synergy with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and massage the lower abdomen or lower back of people who have difficulty letting go or in case of pain in the lumbar region.

• Keep your hands on your lower back for a moment, with your eyes closed, quoting the VAM mantra inside you.


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