Gabriel – Frequency


The name Gabriel
means “power of God”. He is the archangel of proclamation who
announced to Mary that she would bear the Son of God. His appearances always
symbolize a clear and precise message. Connecting with this angel helps us to
become aware of what we really want and need.

Often associated
with light and enlightenment, it facilitates communication, the birth of new
ideas and projects and reminds us to respect the sacred laws. The point between
the nose and the upper lip is called Gabriel’s mark, as it seems to touch
babies at this point to ensure their connection with the afterlife. It is an
important marma or acupuncture point, considered to be the seat of connection
with our center.

Gabriel is the patron saint of telecommunications, postmen, journalists … he
makes sure that messages are conveyed freely and that they land in the
“right” place.


It awakens
light, wisdom and clarity in communication. The spray facilitates relationships
and brings flexibility and compassion. It is particularly recommended in times
of change, transition, intense problems and conflicts, in situations where one
acts easily with frustration, irritation, anger…

It helps to
transcend difficulties and to stop focusing on the outer world but to see
within and decode messages from your soul. It strengthens intuition, telepathic
abilities, the ability to communicate with the invisible dimensions and to gain


GABRIEL combines
emotions with intellect, makes optimistic and develops listening skills. It
curbs the tendency to want to understand everything at all costs, the need to
justify oneself constantly, the belief that everything must be explained. He
invites to work rather in the subtle spheres of meditation and prayer. The
archangel Gabriel is also the spirit of fertility, pregnancy, children and
accompanies future parents perfectly.


It symbolizes
the understanding of yourself and others, i.e. it supports the revelation of your
deepest truth and that of others. Your perception is increased and you can
better decode the information from beyond.


it reveals to you the messages of your soul, your deepest truth, illuminates
your path makes you creative, optimistic and full of hope.


short, GABRIEL brings movement in your life, you come out of stagnation and can
grow and flourish. Your vibratory frequency increases. A new beginning is at


GABRIEL auric spray is indicated when :


Ø  You want to recognize the purpose of your life

Ø  You will enjoy setting new goals

Ø  You want to improve your communication skills

Ø  You want to make decisions with determination

Ø  You want to get out of stagnation

Ø  You want to awaken your inner light

Ø  You want to consolidate your knowledge

Ø  You will like to better understand your dreams, your visions,
your perceptions…

Ø  Being accompanied during pregnancy



The Gabriel
auric spray evokes: change, joy, clarity, logic, hope, light, clarification of
things, a new beginning, flexibility, listening, communication, decoding of
subtle messages.





you can imagine is real.”

Pablo Picasso


Ø  Ahibero,
Coriander, Elemi, Incense, Iary, Clary Sage, Sugandha Kokila
communication with all dimensions.

Ø  Yarrow,
Cinnamon, Cypriol, Jasmine, Patchouli, Ho wood, Magnolia, Palmarosa, Rosalina,
Rose, Zanthoxylum alatum
positively influence the
relational life and support warmth, love and joy.

Ø  Benzoin,
Bergamot, Copaiba, Tangerine, Orange, Petitgrain Bigarade, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang
facilitate creativity, inspiration, make you playful,
cheerful… allow you to let go of anxiety and invite you to dare a new

Ø  Cade
wood, Lavender, Litsea, Myrrh
allow to decode the
messages of the beyond

Ø  Guava,
Mastic Pistachio, Sweet Thyme, Eucalyptus radiata, Noble Laurel, Hemlock
, Balsam Fir encourage,
awaken the sense of community, support the renewal of the…





Ø  Rose quartz: symbolizes unconditional
love and evokes tenderness and certainty in relationships. Reassures, makes
receptive and serene. Reduces stress and facilitates relational life.

Ø  Sodalite : Facilitates communication
and understanding of oneself and others. Makes one clear and logical. Helps to
control emotions.

Ø  Aquamarine: Soothing and calming, it
evokes deep relaxation. Promotes optimism, insight, lucidity and dispels
anxiety. Softens communication.






communication with others


Ø  Use the spray as an atmospheric
spray in the rooms where the discussions take place.

Ø  Spray both soles of the
hands with the spray, then do an auric massage, that is, make movements as if
you were massaging in the aura; in front, behind, on the sides, around the

Ø  Place the hands in prayer
position in front of the neck for a moment and remain in this position for a

Ø  Suggest to your
interviewer(s) that they do the same.



Evoking inspiration and creativity


Ø  Spray GABRIEL in the room

Ø  Do an auric massage as

Ø  Place your hands in
prayer position in front of your neck for a moment and say 9 x the word

Ø  Remain for a moment in
silence with your eyes closed.  



Meditation with the Archangel Gabriel


Ø  Get into a comfortable
sitting posture

Ø  Spray the soles of your
hands with the spray and do an auric massage as described above.

Ø  Place your hands in
prayer in front of your eye neck and form a prayer with your words evoking
Gabriel’s energy.


For example:


Dear Archangel Gabriel, please help
me to clear the confusion, give me the wisdom to make an important decision. Thank
you for strengthening my confidence to act and to communicate my truth effectively.
Thank you for helping me to say things with determination and kindness.


Thank you for enveloping me with
your beautiful light and for raising my vibratory frequency.


remain for 11 minutes in silence, with your consciousness placed in your neck.
Imagine being enveloped by a white light.


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