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The name of the Archangel Uriel comes from the Sumerian Urim meaning flame, light or fire and EL, a particle associated with the Divine. It could therefore be translated as flame or light of God. He is the light being of prophecy and revelation. He is considered the regent of the star world, the guardian of the laws of all worlds. The Archangel Uriel reveals the secrets of God and creates coherence between body, soul and spirit.

Uriel enlightens us in the dark moments of our existence, he awakens the courage and the spark necessary to progress and to leave the idleness. He nourishes creativity, releases inner strength and provides the tools to overcome fears and doubts. Strongly linked to the Earth, it stabilises the emotions, strengthens confidence and awakens the joy of living. Integrating his energy means better perceiving the gifts of nature and the desire to contribute to saving the planet. The Archangel of Light will sometimes transmit information that is off the beaten track, forcing us to consider things from different angles, to reconsider our points of view.

This Archangel is symbolised by the flashing lightning bolt that was sent to warn Noah of the impending flood. Uriel knows how to transmit inspiration and knowledge in a flash. Then he accompanies us in our bursts of genius.

Working with the URIEL energy spray associates us with the vibration of this Archangel. It is favourable for all those who seek inner light. It is indicated when we are in danger of sinking into pessimism, destructive thoughts, mental habits that pull us down and darken our lives. Then the power of Uriel is beneficial. Uriel brings a divine frequency into the material world, structures our mind, helps us to make decisions, transmits energy and momentum and forces us to move towards our goals and visions.

The URIEL spray can also be used in situations where one is very busy. In this case an auric massage followed by a short meditation with the consciousness placed at the level of the 3ème eye revitalises and helps when we tend to procrastinate. This ritual dissolves the inner conflict between “I should do it but I don’t want to”, when we resist our responsibilities and tasks.

It is also indicated when we start a new stage of life; a new job, a new relationship, a marriage, a separation, a move, a new training, etc.

In short, URIEL helps to gain courage and strength, helps to overcome lack of confidence, evokes gratitude, creativity, zest for life and the desire to take action and to realise set goals and visions. It revitalises and gives the energy needed to get out of stagnation.

It allows us to see ourselves more objectively, to stop procrastinating, to finalise our projects, to be discerning and to distinguish the important from the trivial, to make our visions come true and to awaken joy for our mission.


URIEL energy spray is indicated when :

  • You are inflexible, your body and mind are becoming increasingly rigid.
  • You lack vitality and energy.
  • Your joie de vivre has become weak.
  • You dream of turning your goals and ideas into reality.
  • You are going through a somewhat chaotic phase and would like to restructure your life.
  • You are in need of ideas to finalise a project.
  • You lack the courage to get things started.
  • You tend to procrastinate.
  • You are stressed and lack confidence.
  • You dream of more success in your work.
  • You have difficulty setting priorities.

The URIEL energy spray strengthens the will, discernment brings lightness and joy into existence and confidence in our inner strengths. It also helps us to see our individual place in the world more clearly and to recognise our potential.


Uriel’s plants 

“Courage is the first of the human qualities because it guarantees all the others.


  • Angelica, pink berry, false pepper, cassumunar ginger, katafray, patchouli encourage one to go forward, to dare to assert oneself and to get off the beaten track, help one to find one’s place in the world and to make favourable choices.  
  • Acore vera, Atlas blue chamomile, eucalyptus globulus, kunzea, spearmint, rosemary verbenon correct mental confusion, connect to cognitive memory and help assess situations with more clarity and depth.
  • Larch, Atlas cedar needles, white pine, mugo pine, black pepper, Himalayan fir, mountain savory, three-lobed sage are precious aids to get out of idleness and lethargy. They revitalise and energise to bring ideas and dreams to life and to free oneself from procrastination.
  • Benzoin, bergamot, gurjum, jasmine, orange awaken inner strength and encourage embracing uncertainty. They bring inspiration and creativity. They help to free oneself from dependency and codependency and dissolve deep-seated, hidden fears.
  • Basil canum, hinoki, pistachio mastic dissolve blockages that prevent one from feeling joy in life and help one feel connection with others. They help to stay centred and connected in times of transition and when making choices.
  • Lemon, eucalyptus staigeriana strengthen the focus, support clear and relevant thoughts, make you dynamic and willing.
  • Cypriol, Amazonian incense, geranium, gingerlily, guava, sugandha kokila help to develop a positive perception of people and situations and attract opportunities and success. They help to overcome obstacles and challenges.
  • Sacred incense, fine lavender, white verbena, ylang ylang make us flexible and support faith and trust in the divine forces

Uriel’s minerals 

  • Citrine: attracts abundance and joy of living. It balances energies, stimulates creativity, energises the mind and absorbs negative energy. It purifies the mental and astral body and connects the solar plexus to the coronal chakra.
  • Tiger’s eye: protects against negative energies, reduces stress and attracts positive situations and people. It encourages thinking outside the box, strengthens willpower and anxiety, dissolves emotional blockages and nurtures confidence.
  • Rock crystal: purifies the aura and releases inner power and strength. It helps to gain clarity and to perceive things incomprehensible by the material world and by the intellect. It helps to increase the vibratory rate and the inner light.


Idleness, lethargy, tendency to procrastinate, strengthen willpower and courage

  • Perform an auric massage with URIEL 3 times a day.
  • Stand in an upright position. During the auric massage, your body should be solid, stable and grounded. Your feet should be parallel and shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly. Relax your pelvis and lumbar region and keep both feet firmly planted on the ground. Then spray both palms with URIEL spray and both wrists.
  • Begin to make movements, as if you were massaging the aura, i.e. about 10 cm away from your physical body. Start at the feet and work your way up to the top of the skull.
  • Then bend your knees slightly and form a ball with both hands in front of the solar plexus.
  • Stay in this position for two minutes, looking straight ahead and feeling the energy flowing through your hands.
  • Then release and shake your body for a moment.

Drive out emotions, thoughts, dark ideas 

  • Use URIEL as an atmospheric spray.
  • Spray hands and wrists with the spray.
  • Then sit comfortably, close your eyes and place both hands in front of your face to smell the fragrance of URIEL for a moment.
  • Then place both hands on your legs. Keep your eyes closed and inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Imagine a golden sphere above you as you breathe in and let go of all impurities, bad thoughts, etc. as you breathe out. Continue this for 3 minutes.
  • Then resume a normal breathing rhythm and focus on your solar plexus, imagining a golden sphere there.
  • Remain for 11 minutes in silence, observing the ebb and flow of your thoughts and emotions.

A meeting, discussion… that requires the ability to assert oneself, to make decisions, to take responsibility… Use URIEL to preserve one’s own space and attract the respect of others.

  • Use URIEL as an atmospheric spray before the meeting.
  • Spray hands and wrists before the meeting.
  • Then form a sphere with both hands in front of the solar plexus for a moment with the legs firmly on the ground and the knees slightly bent.

Stimulating creativity and inspiration and prayer 

  • Use URIEL as an atmospheric spray in your workplace.
  • Spray hands and wrists with the spray before work and give an auric massage.
  • Then join both hands in a prayer position in front of the heart
  • Make a prayer to the Archangel Uriel. You can use your own words but formulate the prayer as if your dream, imagination, idea would already be realized

For example:

Archangel Uriel, Archangel of Wisdom, thank you for blessing me with inspiration and wisdom.

Thank you for letting God’s light shine in my life.

Thank you for my ability to see more clearly the messages from beyond

Thank you for giving me day after day the energy I need to accomplish my mission and contribute to a better world.

Thank you for allowing me to use my talents and potential.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

  • Then remain for 11 minutes in silence, with your consciousness in the 3ème Imagine being enveloped by an orange light.


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