« If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.”  Carlos Santana

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We all know this state of lightness, of joy, of this inner smile that invades us, this elation that eliminates all darkness and sometimes provokes moments of hilarity. We experience this state for no apparent reason. Our mind often seeks this flight, this exit from the Cartesian world, to feel more life, existence on earth. This state is called ANANDA in Sanskrit.

The Greek word anemos or the Latin word anima meaning soul have the same roots. In fact, when we experience Ananda, we are deeply connected to our soul and it is in this state of mind that energy becomes fluid, light and we create the space necessary for all healing, transformation, awakening and evolution.

In this state of wholeness, we create a powerful filter of energetic protection against all viruses, parasites or destructive thoughts. The heart is connected to the soul and the body and the experience of unity and bliss becomes a reality.

ANANDA is a synergy of essential oils with a lively, fresh, gentle scent that stimulates and charms the body and mind. It relieves you from stress, exhaustion, tiredness… The blend will bring you openness, the ability to open up your mind and experience completely the NOW.

And if… in the face of so many challenges and changes in daily life today, you could easily reduce your anxiety, anger, frustration, fatigue… and instead of feeling energetic and able to grow, prosper, really help yourself and your community to stay healthy, joyful and open.

It’s an excellent blend including high quality essential oils, ancient wisdom, gemstone energy that allows you to find the tools you need to live the present times with balance, serenity and good health.

ANANDA was created:

  • to face the current polarisation of beliefs and to remain open and in the heart
  • to connect to yourself, to others and to subtle and invisible dimensions
  • to remain balanced and healthy despite all the worries of present times
  • to manage this period of uncertainty with joy and clarity and thus contribute to collective healing
  • to have a better connection with all your emotions, including grief, anger and also pleasure, gratitude and love

Despite all appearances, the vibration frequency continues to increase worldwide. The higher your own vibrational frequency, the easier it will be for you to maintain a positive state of mind and a heart, which are the guarantors of the protection of the physical and subtle immune system. However, it is important at this time to be able to ‘dance’ between very low and very high vibrations so that you can grow and evolve. In this fluctuating period, emotions are often unstable. Suddenly you can switch from a feeling of complete freedom, joy, gratitude…. to a feeling of depression, fear, anger. You may have the impression that people react strangely. Either they start to reject you or they are strongly attracted to you. Depending on where people are in their development, you may have a positive or negative effect on them. It is therefore important to be able to step back, to know how to put things into perspective and to maintain clarity.

Every human being who knows how to show compassion, love, openness and resilience contributes to this vibratory ascent.

ANANDA is the blend for the present time, to be able to go through this period with serenity, health and joy. It activates the circulation of Prana/Qi between the heart and the crown-chakra.

Yarrow makes the polarities supple and balanced… ahibero, ajowan, sea-fennel, turmeric, patchouli and vetiver nourish the roots, awake vital energy, strength confidence… mandarin and petitgrain bergamot bring joy, amazement and help to put things into perspective… lemon basil allows acceptance… star anise, curry leaves, iary and feverfew support inner transformation and contribute to clarity…, geranium attracts positive energies and helps to cope with challenges…, annual artemisia promotes intuition and lets go doubts, temporary depressions and helps to see your goals …, cajeput and niaouli, act as energetic composters, purifying the residues of negative thoughts…, cape may, white spruce, cembra pine, Siberian fir, coriander, elemi, rosemary cineol create the space for listening, peace and support the control of emotions, sage triloba purifies emotions, rejuvenates the mind and allows you to step back.., Sugandha kokila helps to raise awareness, spearmint promotes change and courage to make new decisions, incense from Ethiopia, palo santo, myrrh, sage create a powerful protective filter and facilitate connection with divine dimensions and transcended masters. Finally, Persian and Moroccan roses and magnolia leaves are balm for the soul. A powerful blend for body, mind and soul. Probably your best friend in times of uncomfortable transition.

“The healthiest response to life is joy.”    

Mark Twain 

How to use ANANDA:

In case of respiratory disorders or viral epidemic: 

  • Mix 60 drops of the ANANDA (approx. 3 ml) with 10 ml of calophyllum inophyllum, 10 ml of black cumin oil and make up to 50 ml with another carrier oil. Massage the chest, inner arms, neck and shoulders every morning and evening.
  • Drink warm water with hydrosols such as blackcurrant, ravintsara, eucalyptus, thyme thymol, tea tree…
  • Smell every two hours for two minutes the bottle with closed eyes and consciousness in the heart.
  • Diffuse the blend.
  • Take a bath with 1 handful of sea salt and 8 drops of ANANDA.
  • Vigorously massage the foot soles.
  • Massage the tongue every hour with 1 drop of ANANDA until the symptoms disappear.

To further decongest the respiratory tract during the night and to gain clarity:

  • Apply a drop of ANANDA between the upper lip and the nose and a drop between the two eyebrows.

To protect the physical and energetic immune systems. Do the following ritual every morning before breakfast, at noon and in the evening before going to sleep.

  • Rub your hands together with a few drops of ANANDA and also rub the inside of your arms with a few drops to activate the meridians of the lungs and heart.
  • Vigorously massage the thumb and little finger.
  • Place your hands in a prayer position in front of your chest and say ANANDA nine times and THANK YOU three times.

In case of physical overwork and seasonal fatigue:

  • Rub the inside of your arms several times a day with a few drops of Ananda.
  • Smell the bottle regularly
  • Apply a few drops of ANANDA along the spine.

ANANDA is particularly effective if the meridian of the lungs is massaged in. To overcome sadness you should put more emphasis on the thumbnail.  

If you wish to align yourself more closely with your energy centers, do the following ritual for 21 days:

  • Add 3 drops of ANANDA to your shampoo.
  • Rub the solar plexus, the middle of the chest, the little hollow in the base of the neck, the point between the eyebrows and the top of your head with 1 drop of ANANDA.
  • Then sit down for meditation
  • Close your eyes, put your awareness on the top of your head in your 7th Imagine a subtle channel connecting your crown chakra with the infinite and smell the bottle of ANANDA during two minutes.
  • Then two minutes with the awareness in the 3rd
  • Finally, 2 minutes with the awareness in the solarplexus, the 3rd

In case of melancholy, sadness, sorrow, depression…:

  • Mix 30 drops of ANANDA with 30 ml of a carrier oil and massage the solar plexus, the heart area and the trapezius with this oil.
  • Breathe the bottle three times a day, with your consciousness at heart level, with your eyes closed for two consecutive minutes.

“In life, nothing is to be feared, everything is to be understood. »                                                                                                      Marie Curie


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