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“The goddess falls in love with herself and gives birth to her own emanation, which takes on a life of its own. Self-love is the creative force of the universe. Desire is the primary energy, and this energy is erotic: the attraction of the lover for the beloved, of the planet for the star, the lust of the electron for the proton. Love is the glue that holds the world together.” Starhawk

Mary or Maria, as the mother of Jesus, is much more than just a figure in Christian tradition; she symbolizes purity and unconditional, universal love. There are many paths that lead us to the divine source, but it’s safe to say that Maria’s energy softens the path. Integrating this energy within ourselves means learning to love with all our heart, to love life and every living being, and to love the Universe as a whole, thus gaining in purity and openness. To unite with its energy is to purify oneself and free oneself from the residues of the past that stand in the way of love, relationships and prosperity.

Maria embodies pure, luminous, loving energy. As the mother of Jesus, she symbolizes maternal energy: gentle, welcoming, yet powerful and wise. Although she evolves in celestial spheres, she remains connected to humanity. Benevolent and comforting, she accompanies us, helping us to cultivate love and light within ourselves and fortifying us in moments of weakness or pain. She teaches us that gentleness can be a great strength, and that love can often accomplish far more than harshness.

The theme of this divine mother is love in its fullest form. Maria represents and encourages unconditional self-love, love of neighbor and selfless, unconditional love for all living beings, human, animal and plant, both in this world and in the universe as a whole. Getting in touch with this cosmic energy expands your heart and opens it up to love. You’ll feel not only deep happiness, but also infinite affection for everything.



MARIA spray stimulates your ability to relate and helps to clear away the deepest residues of negativity. It supports healing with deep love. By acting as a veritable composter of the memories that generate negativity and suffering, it creates the space needed to receive gentler responses from the Universe, since the thoughts you entertain about yourself shape your reality. It’s an invitation to allow the Divine Mother’s love to manifest within you and all around you.

MARIA sharpens your senses, making you more receptive to therapies such as sound therapy or mantra meditation. You’ll be more attentive to the sound of your voice and your words, and you’ll be better able to integrate the light within you and all around you.

MARIA helps you to accept yourself and supports you in your sexuality, allowing you to feel more sensuality. Using the energy spray helps to heal past wounds that hinder sensual fulfillment and remain as imprints on the aura’s subtle bodies.

This spray will help you strengthen your relationships, show unconditional love and reduce aggression in and around you. You’ll unblock your communication and harmonize your feminine and masculine sides. You’ll free your astral body of negative emotions.

MARIA will help you listen and be heard, accept yourself and others, and nurture the purest vibration of love.

MARIA auric spray is indicated when :

  • You want to strengthen your ability to love and feel more affection for yourself and those around you.
  • You want to communicate with more love and kindness.
  • You’d like your therapies to have more impact.
  • You often have conflicts with the opposite sex or with your life partner.
  • You dream of greater sensual fulfillment.
  • You feel anger, irritability and aggression within yourself and around you.
  • You want to develop your listening skills and dream of being better heard by those around you.
  • You want to dispel the illusion of not being loved and learn to love yourself more.
  • You want to develop a greater capacity to love all living beings.
  • You want to accept your whole being.
  • You’d like to feel more gratitude.
  • You’d like to transmute negative energies into positive ones.

Finally, using MARIA will enable you to gain more self-confidence, to feel and create more harmony within yourself and around you, enabling you to attract more luck and fulfillment. You’ll observe your actions with more distance and detachment, and you’ll find that many doors will open.


MARIA’s plants:

“When heaven wants to save a man, it gives him affection to protect him.” Lao Tzu

  • Yarrow, rosalina, copaiba, jasmine, rose, vanilla, hemlock, sweet thyme linalol: strengthen the capacity to love, support understanding, compassion and empathy. They awaken affection for oneself and for those around one, helping to overcome conflicts and crisis situations.
  • Indian angelica, star anise, annual mugwort, Buddha wood, myrrh: facilitate clarity of mind to better see hidden emotions, support questioning in introspective work, help us see where we need to change our attitude in relationships. Help us to accept our reality and trust.
  • Amyris, Atlas cedar, galbanum, Moroccan chamomile: reinforce courage and strength to realize your dreams. They reinforce self-confidence and the power of nature to tame the material world without obsessive attachment to security.
  • Benzoin, rose geranium, clary sage, ylang ylang, bergamot, lime: make you feel euphoric and cheerful, and help you let go so you can indulge in pleasure and sensuality. They bring inspiration and creativity, dissolve anxiety and fears, and effectively combat depression and melancholy.
  • Chinese cinnamon, palmarosa, gingerlily: enable you to face obstacles with courage, serenity and without guilt. They encourage you to let go of ego illusions, to dare to love and to feel affection for yourself and others. They break the ice.
  • Mandarin, litsea: connect you to your childlike soul and enable you to meet others with innocence and greater joy. They strengthen the ability to marvel at small, everyday pleasures and facilitate perception with subtle energies.
  • Ho wood, noble lavender: considerably calm the nervous system, reinforcing inner serenity and peace.  
  • Amazonian incense, eucalyptus radiata, cajeput: activate prana, purify the mental body and create the space needed to better integrate celestial forces within yourself. They help purify the subtle bodies and eliminate residues that block pleasure and sensuality.

MARIA’s minerals 

  • Rose quartz: helps open the heart, awakens love and compassion, and helps heal past wounds. It combats negativity and encourages stability and mental clarity.
  • Nephrite jade: balances and harmonizes emotions, bringing calm and inner peace. It purifies surrounding energy, eliminates negative influences and supports love and compassion in relationships. It attracts prosperity and abundance.
  • Rhodonite: helps heal emotional wounds from the past, soothing negative feelings and supporting love and compassion. It reduces stress and anxiety, bringing inner peace.


Strengthening love and compassion:

Doing this ritual every morning helps you to stay better connected to those around you and to treat people with more affection and kindness:

  • Spray palms and wrists.
  • Place your hands for two minutes in front of your face, with your eyes closed and your awareness at heart level.
  • Place both hands in a prayer position in front of the heart for two minutes.
  • Silently formulate words of gratitude within yourself for Mother Earth, the beings around you, your parents, your children, your home, your work.

Ritual for a moment of sharing for two:

  • Spray the palms and wrists of both hands with the spray.
  • Each person gives the other an auric massage.
  • Then each person places their hand on the other’s heart, looking silently into their eyes for a moment.

 Before a party, wedding, family reunion :

  • Spray the meeting room; you can also spray the chairs.
  • Spray people’s wrists as they arrive.

You are a therapist and you would like your client to open his heart to you:

  • Perform an auric massage on yourself before the session.
  • Perform an auric massage on your client before treatment.

You have difficulty relating to others, are shy, distrustful, fear rejection, you want to integrate more light within yourself: do the following ritual every morning, until you feel you can relate more easily to others:

  • Spray hands and wrists.
  • Stretch your arms above your head, hands wide open, and imagine a ray of pink energy streaming from the soles of your feet out into the world.
  • With your eyes closed, place your hands on your head for a moment, then on your forehead and finally on your heart.
  • Say I love you 8 times.

You can also incorporate URIEL energetic spray into your daily routine to gain in light, dynamism and get out of your lethargy and indifference.  In this case, use URIEL as an atmospheric spray and mist your wrists from time to time with it.

You want to become more sensual and experience more joy and pleasure in your sexuality:

  • Massage your stomach, heart area and lower back daily with a massage oil containing TURIYA’s PASSION synergy, 60 drops in 100 ml of vegetable oil.
  • Before going to bed, perform an auric massage with MARIA, then fall asleep imagining yourself bathed in a pink cloud.
  • Say THANK YOU 3 times as you fall asleep.

Meditation with MARIA :

  • Sit comfortably.
  • Spray palms and wrists with the spray and perform an auric massage.
  • Place your hands in prayer before your heart and formulate a prayer in your own words, evoking the protection of the divine mother.

For example: 

Maria, divine mother, thank you for your protection, for the trust, love and compassion you reinforce in me and all around me. Thank you for purifying and clearing my mind and heart of all the residues that prevent me from feeling deep, unconditional love for myself and for all my surroundings.

Thank you for making me ONE with your love and allowing me to use my energy, talents and strengths with kindness and love.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen.




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