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TURIYA is above all a human adventure, the fruit of passion shared by Lydia and Philippe Bosson, founders of USHA. In synergy with an ambitious team of Asian and European partners, loyal students, medical doctors, pharmacists, practitioners of all kind of natural healing methods…all enthusiastic of aromatherapy, Lydia and Philippe have created this range of safe, effective and easy to use products!

In Sanskrit, TURIYA means pure consciousness. It is the state beyond the deep perception, the awakening of the higher level of the spirit. In the Vedic tradition, TURIYA is considered as the state of SAT CHIT ANANDA (SAT = absolute truth, CHIT = consciousness = ANANDA = joy, bliss…) The state where experience is free from the control of the ego, of the illusion and the duality of the external world. To achieve this self-realization, what could be better than the soul of plants contained in pure and natural essential oils, hydrosols and precious carrier oils.

To bring more well-being to body and mind, Lydia, Philippe and their team have put all their skills, inspired by ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and various popular and ancestral approaches at the service of TURIYA. A range of avant-garde products, purer, more natural, with pleasant textures and fragrances to invent day by day tomorrow’s health.

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