“Everything in life is energy and vibration”

                                                                Albert Einstein

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When you take care of yourself, when you are told that you are brilliant, radiant, charismatic, and excellent at what you do – then that is TEJAS at work. Think of Tejas as the smoldering embers of the fire that continue to emanate a source of gentle and enduring energy after the fire has died down.

According to Ayurvedic teaching, Tejas is the subtle form of fire in the body, the essence of Pitta bio-energy and Agni fire. Tejas can be defined as the inner radiation or fire of the mind. It is the determining factor for intelligence and clarity. It also confers a radiant aura, charisma, brightness in the eyes, courage and the dissolution of fears. As it is an essence of the fire element in the body, it is also responsible for digestion, transformation and metabolism. Tejas supports willpower, courage and vigour.


  • gives strength and muscle tone
  • manages the physical, energetic and emotional metabolism
  • creates cellular coherence
  • improves vision, skin colour, tactile perception
  • overcomes fear and strengthens courage
  • supports the will, courage and vigour
  • removes confusion and enhances mental clarity
  • facilitates awareness
  • protects against wrong decisions
  • awakens the passion and joy of life

Tejas makes the skin luminous, the eyes bright and the mind sharp and clear.  Tejas is responsible for a clear perception of the world around us. In a balanced state, it burns away illusions and mental fog to reveal the true self.

TEJAS de TURIYA is a synergy of essential oils indicated to increase our vibratory rate and indicated when we have difficulty asserting ourselves, to concretize our projects, in situations where we must show will, courage and discernment. Its enveloping, solar, warm and spicy fragrance releases our inner strength while nourishing creativity and inspiration.

TEJAS will make it easier to see and seize opportunities, synchronicities, attract light, evoke growth and awakening. By increasing your vibratory rate you strengthen your charisma and your radiance.

TEJAS awakens the sacred fire that resides within you and manages all metabolisms of the body, mind and soul. It is also a powerful energetic cleanser and helps to free you from collective “viruses” and thus creates the space for intuition and inspiration.

The increase in vibrational rate allows for more compassion, empathy and love to be felt at the heart level. TEJAS was created to push us to step forward, to grow, to evolve and to be more courageous in our decisions and actions, and to be warmer to those around us.

Vibratory rate.

You have an energy field and frequency of your own that extends beyond your physical body and your intellectual perception. The vibratory rate is not stable and evolves at any moment of your life. It is influenced by your emotions, your thoughts, your surroundings, events, etc. Illness, negative thoughts and emotions lower the vibratory rate, prayer, meditation, love and kindness can increase it. The food you eat, the air you breathe, the people around you, all have an impact on the vibratory rate. If the vibratory rate is low, you will be more fragile on a physical level as well as on a mental and emotional level. If the vibratory rate is high, you will be more radiant, charismatic and will be able to seize opportunities more easily and see the synchrony.

Raising your vibratory rate makes life easier, you will progress more easily, have more energy, be more creative and intuitive, and gain serenity and clarity. Raising your vibratory rate facilitates access to other spiritual dimensions.

Essential oils of Tejas

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, information and vibration.”

                                                                               Nikola Tesla

  • Ajowan, bergamot, lemon, sweet orange, black pepper, savory: solar, warm and energizing. They encourage action, make plans come true and dispel fears.
  • The needles of Atlas cedar, eucalyptus globulus, kunzea, larch, white pine, mugo pine, Himalayan fir improve the circulation of Prana, Qi, the vital breath in the body and allow the information of Tejas to be conveyed throughout the body.
  • Angelica, katafray, patchouli: root, strengthen confidence and courage to overcome difficulties.
  • Acore vera, lemon basil, geranium, iary, spearmint, rosemary verbenon: enhance clarity, help to become aware of our past imprints and to better grasp the help and opportunities offered to us.
  • Benzoin, gurjum, Moroccan jasmine, ylang ylang are enveloping, evoking sensuality, inviting one to embrace inner power and to let events come with more peace and serenity.
  • Cypriol, Amazonian incense, sacred incense, fine lavender, lavender leaf sage, thyme saturated, connect to our divine essence, to the subtle dimensions, to the subconscious and enhance intuition and inspiration. They purify the emotions and facilitate communication on all levels.
  • Gingerlily, hinoki, 3-lobed sage dissolve fears, strengthen peace and serenity of mind, transform pessimism into optimism and help to better seize opportunities.
  • Basil canum, guava, mastic pistachio, sugandha kokila, white vervain help to get out of lethargy and idleness, facilitate cellular and immune regeneration, protect against manipulation and negative influences. They are particularly beneficial for Anahata, the heart chakra.

The minerals of Tejas

  • Citrine: attracts abundance and joy of living. It balances energies, stimulates creativity, energises the mind and absorbs negative energy. It purifies the mental and astral body and connects the solar plexus to the coronal chakra.
  • Carnelian: awakens joy, spontaneity and energises the body and mind. It improves concentration, calms anger and harmonises emotions. Associated with the fire element, it increases Tejas at the level of the spirit and thus contributes to charisma. It absorbs negative energies that create blockages.
  • Red Jasper: anchors and energises the body and mind. Jasper invites action and self-expression, helps to embrace the unknown and facilitates connection with others and conviviality. Shyness can be overcome, one gains confidence and dares to assert oneself. Difficulties are faced with serenity.
  • Rose Quartz: reduces negative vibrations and emotions. Evokes peace and serenity of mind. Connects to the heart, to love and invites to dare to express benevolence and compassion. Harmonises conflicts and relationship problems and improves heart-to-heart communication. It dissipates irritation and anger and makes way for healing and spiritual upliftment.

TEJAS The subtle fire

a synergy to increase the vibratory rate 

“You have to learn to stay calm in the midst of activity and be vibrant with life when you are resting.”


With TEJAS, your vibratory rate increases. Both that of the place where the synergy is diffused and your own energy. TEJAS makes you more charismatic and radiant. If your days are long and hard, if you are tired, if your immune system is weak and you get sick easily, then certainly you need to raise your vibratory rate and awaken your sacred fire.

TEJAS restructures the coherence between body and mind and harmonises the communication between the different energy centres and organs. The synergy will help you to find a better balance, dissipate anxiety and stress, fight sadness and depression. You will gain energy to achieve your projects and goals and will show a better intuition.

With a higher vibrational rate you may attract more of what you need; positive situations and people, as you yourself will be more dynamic, energetic and spontaneous.


Improve the vibratory rate of your home

As already mentioned, everything is vibration and energy and the vibratory rate of your home has a great influence on your health and well-being.  It is time to get rid of all the things that are no longer useful to you! To improve the vibration :

  • Drop a drop of TEJAS in your wet wipe or cloth before cleaning dust from your objects and furniture
  • Diffuse TEJAS in the living rooms… (avoid diffusing it in the bedroom just before going to sleep, as it is very energizing)
  • Mix 10 drops of TEJAS with 50 ml of palo santo hydrolate and spray the sofa or bed on which you were lying for a long time during your illness.
  • Put a bowl with raw salt in the four corners of the house on the floor with 5 drops of TEJAS each to absorb bad energy.


Improve the vibration level in the workplace and fight against viruses and bacteria in the environment 

  • Spread TEJAS
  • Massage the wrists every morning with 1 drop of TEJAS
  • Drop a drop of TEJAS into a wet wipe or cloth before cleaning dust from your desk, furniture or massage table
  • Smell the TEJAS bottle with your eyes closed when you feel lazy or tired by visualizing a flame in your 3ème


Increase your own vibratory rate 

  • If you are used to massaging daily, add 3 drops of TEJAS to your massage oil
  • Alternatively, create a massage oil; mix 5 ml (100 drops) of TEJAS with 100 ml of vegetable oil (e.g. sweet almond, macadamia, apricot kernel, hazelnut etc.) and massage your body daily before your morning shower.
  • Smell the TEJAS bottle 3 times a day for 2 minutes with your eyes closed
  • Massage the soles of the feet and wrists with a few drops of Tejas, especially when you are lethargic, tired, lacking in desire or courage.


Fear of the unknown, difficulty in daring, difficulty in leaving the comfort zone

Once the mind has settled into the comfort zone and is afraid to embrace the unknown, stagnation, apathy, laziness and rigidity are inevitable and gradually one also loses connection with the subtle dimensions and creativity. The following ritual can help to gain courage and tenacity to change things.


  • Put 3 drops of TEJAS in the palm of your left hand and rub one hand against the other.
  • Then with your right hand make 9 circles under the head in a clockwise direction.
  • Place both hands on the solar plexus and make 9 circular movements in a clockwise direction.
  • Smell the bottle with your eyes closed for two minutes, imagining you are in the middle of a purple flame with your consciousness at the top of your head.

The day:  

  • Smell the bottle before lunch with your eyes closed for two minutes, imagining you are in the middle of a purple flame with your consciousness at the top of your head.


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