The TRANSCENDANCE synergy with its floral, sophisticated, surprising, mysterious and balsamic fragrance enchants the mind and awakens the power of the 7th chakra, located at the top of the skull, Sahasrara, the centre that allows the mystical and transcendental experience. It is your source of cosmic energy, the abode of your divine nature. Sahasrara is associated with cosmic light and spiritual perception.

Sahasrara corresponds to your spiritual and immortal identity, the detachment from material illusion, the realisation that you are a drop in the ocean, that you are part of this ocean and that you contain and encompass all aspects of it. The 7th chakra connects you to faith, to the power of healing, to a kind of and unchanging trust. The need to connect to the spiritual dimensions and the Divine is part of your nature as a human being. If this need is not satisfied, you suffer from loneliness, isolation, unhappiness without being able to name the exact cause by blaming people or circumstances for your unhappiness.

When the coronal chakra is balanced and healthy you feel inner peace and a deep understanding for everything that exists. You are aware of all the inner and outer mechanisms without being affected by them. For example, you may feel anger, frustration, hatred, but these emotions pass through you without stagnating. Energy flows freely throughout the body. You can clearly see the potential of each situation. You are connected to the field of infinite possibilities, are able to see opportunities and seize them, the power of your thoughts attracts the realisation of your dreams and your healing power is very important. It is very rare that Sahasrara is fully awake. However, if you are in search of this state of consciousness, you will develop over time a lot of empathy and compassion for those around you.


Unbalanced Sahasrara

The 7th chakra is the source of light. When it is blocked, we perceive life as empty and dull, we have a feeling of lack and remain attached to the material world. People with a weak Sahasrara are passive and do not seek the spiritual aspect of existence. They are often lazy and inconsistent in their knowledge. They perceive reality in fragments, are attached to the past and are unable to recognise evolution. They speakwithout being in connection with their interlocutors.

These people remain stuck in their perceptions and struggle to overcome disappointment, grief, trauma or emotional shocks. Their attachment to freedom is obsessive and creates conflict with authority. For this reason, their need for individualism is pushed to the extreme. They are afraid of being pushed, controlled, discovered and resist change. Recognising the blockages and weaknesses of the 7th chakra means recognising the inability of one’s ego to surrender. Terms like letting go and open-mindedness please us but we are unable to integrate them. The main causes that continually block Sahasrara are mistrust, lack of faith, Cartesian spirit, cynicism. The result is neurological and autoimmune pathologies, fibromyalgia, dementia, Alzheimer’s, mental confusion, poor memory and concentration, psychological and mental rigidity.


Keys to Healing
The following meditation chases away negative thoughts, helps to dissolve mental and emotional rigidity, helps to heal the wounds of the past. Practice meditation in the morning for at least 40 consecutive days to gain a new state of mind, if you enjoy it, nothing prevents you from continuing:

• Drop a drop of TRANSCENDANCE in each palm of your hands and give an auric massage. Then apply one drop to the top of the skull, one drop between the nose and the upper lip and one drop on the third eye.

• Take a sitting meditation posture.

• Place your consciousness at the top of your skull and imagine being enveloped by a violet light.

• First observe your thoughts and then quote the mantra OM GAM SAT YAM OM over and over again.

• If the thoughts overwhelm you, take note and then continue to repeat the mantra for 20 minutes.

• Finish your meditation by lying down for a moment and becoming aware of your state of mind.

• Keep the TRANSCENDANCE bottle on you, smell it regularly with your eyes closed and imagine an invisible channel that starts from the top of your skull and connects you to the infinite.

Create a massage oil by mixing 75 drops of TRANSCENDANCE with 100 ml of vegetable oil and massage the rigid parts of your body to gain suppleness.


You want to know who you are deep down inside, behind appearances, culture and education, want to access the essence of yourself, to discover more about your power, to deepen your faith, your confidence. First of all, you need to believe more in your power, in your strength and cultivate faith. Do the following exercise for 27 days:

• At the end of each day, retire to a quiet place, light a candle and take a blank notebook.

• Drop a drop of TRANSCENDANCE in each palm of your hands and give yourself an auric massage, then smell the bottle for two minutes with your eyes closed, imagining an invisible channel that starts from the top of your skull and connects you to infinity.

• Then put your hands in a prayer position for a moment, close your eyes, say the word BELIEVE 6 times, and then observe your thoughts for 3 minutes.

Write down everything you believe in for 12 minutes, for example:
• I believe in a Divine force that is in every human being.
• I believe in the power of self-healing.
• I believe that I have a great family that supports and loves me.
• I believe that my child has a talent for music.
• I believe that I have the potential to have a successful career.
• – Etc. etc. Start each day as if it were the first day, without ever re-reading your notes from the previous days. After the 27th day, choose an evening:
• Light a candle in a privileged, calm and serene place, then apply TRANSCENDANCE as usual.
• Meditate first with OM GAM SAT YAM OM for 20 minutes.
• Say 6 times BELIEVE and then read your notes.
• Finish reading and repeat 6 times BELIEVE.


Then think about what this exercise may have awakened in you, what are your revelations?
You constantly interpret reality instead of seeing it with pragmatism and objectivity, you easily dive into negative projections of the future, you don’t realise that your resistance, your inflexibility creates your suffering, you continually question everything, you cultivate the belief that you cannot realise your deepest aspirations. Do the following meditation daily for 27 days at the end of the day:

Apply a drop of TRANSCENDENCE on the 3rd eye and the top of the skull. Drop a drop on each palm of the hand and clap the hands in front of the face for a moment.

• Then put your hands for a moment on your forehead and then for a moment on the top of your skull.

• Sit comfortably. Imagine that you are alone in a sacred temple sitting in the middle of a purple flame.

• Immerse yourself in your oldest memories as far as your mind can go… stay 6 minutes with these memories.

• Then, imagine the violet flame purify and transform any memory of the past that blocks you, that creates suffering for you. Then say the following affirmation three times: “I am letting go of my past. I am healing. »

• Then let the memories come back for 6 minutes.

• Then repeat the statement 3 times: “I let go of my past, I heal. »

• Complete a total of three 6-minute cycles, or 18 minutes.

• Then lie down for a moment and imagine that you are in a sacred temple and realise that you can visit the past whenever you want, but that the past is not the present moment.


You judge and reject what you cannot intellectually understand. You lack hindsight, you can’t see things from a distance, you always get stuck with the same stories, you lack serenity and faith. You want to overcome bitterness, hatred, to become more conscious. Do the following meditation in the morning and at bedtime for 10 days:

• Sit down comfortably. Drop a drop of TRANSCENDANCE on each wrist and rub them together in front of your face. Apply one drop between the upper lip and the nose, one drop on the third eye and one drop on the top of the skull. Close your eyes and observe for a moment the comings and goings of your thoughts.

• With the help of a mala (Hindu or Buddhist rosary) quote the mantra OM DUM DURGAYEI NAMAHA 108 times to chase away all negativity and create a new space inside you.

• Finish the meditation by saying 10 times the word GRACE with the consciousness at the top of the skull.


For therapeutic treatments

For exuberant, extroverted people who think they know it all, who say they have tried everything and nothing works for them, who think they have done the trick or also people who form sentences like: “not this moment ”,“ I know ”,“ at my age ”, who are rigid, resistant to any change and who do not accept reality.

• Put a few drops of Synergy on the pillow around the person’s head during treatment.

• Mix 5 drops of TRANSCENDENCE synergy with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and massage the stiff and painful areas. Apply a drop to the top of the person’s head.

• Drop a drop of TRANSCENDENCE into your hands and place them on the head of the seated person silently quoting within you for a moment the mantra OM GAM SAT YAM OM. Repeat BLESSED three times before lifting your hands, stay a moment with your hands close to the head without touching it.


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